Every winter there is a few practices I commit to that set me up to do the season well. They’ve been honed and added to overtime.

For context

I often feel it’s helpful to know the backdrop against which a person says a thing, so for that reason, here’s mine:

I live and work in the same space (mostly).

I run my own business.

I solo parent.

I spend most weekends alone (loneliness has been BRUTAL to navigate).

I’m not a big socialiser.

I’ve HAD to get good at doing the (colder, darker) Winter months well, else I’d have of ‘gone under’ a long time ago.

It was SO hard but I’m living proof you teach yourself to adapt, and not just survive your toughest seasons, but come out thriving.

Allow yourself to be guided by what you know are the best practices you can choose for yourself. Day at a time 🙏🏼.

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