Are you the kind of person who sees ’20 Facts’ on other people’s Instagram and thinks “Geez I hope they don’t tag me in cos I wouldn’t know what to say?”

I certainly used to think that along with if I’m honest, another narrative of ‘I really don’t think my life’s that exciting to other people!’.

Recently an influx of new followers over on Insta prompted me to think ‘I should probably introduce myself properly’ and so I began writing.  I always enjoy reading other people’s back-stories (aren’t we all a little bit nosey like that?) and so thought that rather than keep the content to Insta would share here. Little did I know it would be such an epically long post.

Without further ado, here are:

20 Random Facts About Me!

1.  I grew up being called by my middle name ‘Suzanne’ but switched to my first, ‘Olivia’ when I left home.  I don’t have strong attachments to things that either don’t or ‘should’ matter to me, only those which truly do.

2.  I’m more inclined towards introversion but can be life and soul with the people I’m most comfortable with.  Ambivert seems to be a good description. Though I know I have introverted tendencies, I don’t let them define me nor live contained by them.  I’m always up for evolving  and have learned that letting go of my ‘I am….’ statements is the most freeing thing there is!

3.  I don’t have a five year plan (Help me out, does anyone?). I’ve always been happy to take life as it comes but when life stopped coming the way I expected, had to change my game. I now write down the intentions for my life daily and am working towards the new life I’m continually designing.

4.  Which leads me to the fact that it takes very little for me to be content. I learned as many of you have also, that when life is stripped back to the bones, you’re forced to define what really matters.

5.  What matters is living a life of purpose.  Out of my hard times came what I believe is now my life’s work. Call me mentor or life coach, helping others feel good about the story of their life is ultimately what it boils down to. Guiding people in taking small steps over none to get to where they want to be is such a privilege and a joy.

6.  I still don’t know what my favourite colour is… or animal for that matter.  I rarely have favourites because given the options I usually like both! Discovering the Enneagram (read more in this post) explained this side of myself to me!

7.  I’m not a bed maker😳  I get out of bed & the covers go back; they ‘get made’ again when I get into bed at the end of the day – keeps things simple…

8.  As does not having an ironing pile.  I don’t quite know how we do it but the ironing board comes out a few times a year.  It must be magic or something.

9.  The most unexpected joy of my life is being a Mom. Seriously. My daughter is a freaking awesome human being. That Jonny Cash quote…? that’s me about her on a morning whilst I’m having my coffee in bed and she’s throwing back her bowl of cereal. I decided from the day she was born I wouldn’t try mold her into what I wanted her to be.  Our kids are here to show us aspects of ourselves that need healing if we’re open to it.

10.  At school the only  thing I saw in the careers book that I liked was the idea of being a pilot (speed and travel).  I was to discover that geography was juuust not my strong suit – so we let that one go.

11.  I eat half a 100g bar of 90% Lindt chocolate almost every day of my life (could’ve just said I eat 50g).  Exceptions would be visits home to Filey and holidays when there’s other sugar in the mix.  I love my food.

12.  Toast and marmalade is one of my absolute died-and-gone-to-heaven foods… talk about the comfort of that smell 😍

13.  One of the biggest surprises to me and things I’m most thankful for is the relationship with my parents.  Growing up was very much an old-school parent/child relationship that wasn’t the best fit.  Though I always knew I was loved, we lived on different planets with limited communication between the species.  I left home and largely left their life.  It was only 7 years ago we started to have more of a relational flow. Both they and I have grown. They are the coolest ‘old’ people I know, truly! They never stop learning and upping their game, loving on others as they go.  At 70 they have more energy and passion for life than you would believe.  They’re the dearest people to me on the earth and I cry when I imagine the day even one of them is no longer here.  Don’t freeze people in time, we can all change!

14.  Which sets up this entry nicely:  Judging ourselves and others less is one of the best things we can do. Period. (I wrote a post about that here)

15.  As a teenager I didn’t have pictures of boy bands on the walls, but my sister and I did have pictures of cars (I think my dad got them free).  To this day I’m still a bit of a car enthusiast, I LOVE to drive.  There’s nothing like opening up on the open road where we live in The Yorkshire Dales. I’ve often fantasised about being a Top Gear presenter.  I’ve also got a strong tech-geek side and am curious by the mechanics of how things work!  Funny  how that’s extended to humans in recent years 😉

16.  I’m really good at 10-pin bowling and kinda love that I can usually whip the ass off the men in the party who think they’re gonna clean up (that’s my mother all over!).  My bowling action is… erm special (so is hers now I come to think of it!). I do this wierd stomping thing but it seems to work.

17.  I write entirely in CAPS!  All those hours in the classroom learning how to write at school?  Yeah I took an executive decision and decided to write my way when I left school at 16.  My joined up lowercase writing was awful and caps looked stronger (and marginally better).  So much ‘they’ say matters just doesn’t!

18.  I have tattoos and piercings but no fillings (teeth).  At 41 I privately (ok well now it’s not) see this as a daft badge of honour. I have the dentists on Monday… fingers crossed.

19.  It’s rare I use it these days but my takeout coffee name is Audrey after my grandmother. What a human party she was!

20.  And finally… my quickest way out of a funk is to dance it off – a practice I picked up watching Greys Anatomy during my many screwy months/years.  Whenever I need to change the vibe, the Bose goes on, AirPods in, tunes on – LOUD! Change your physiology and you change your state.

So there you have it.  We’re all quirky and odd and fascinating aren’t we just! Leave me a comment below-I’d be curious to know if any of these true of you also?


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  1. Everything Olivia has written re family is exactly true. If there are older fathers out there reading this, please PLEASE leave the Victorian era where it belongs…in the history books. Move with the times, change your mindset and do for yourself what you want for your kids; to continually grow and develop. I can only underline how blest her parents are that this period of life is, for us all, just the best ride ever!

    • Love you Paps. You and Ma inspire me constantly. Thank you for bucking the stereotype of what it is to age – you guys are like Benjamin Button!

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