As Mental Health is a subject we are increasingly more aware of, it is clear that the one thing every human being on the planet is born with has been an under-educated, under-talked-about entity.  

Though I grew up believing I can choose my daily disposition, it is only recently that I have understood the extent to which the subconscious programming we receive during childhood shapes our thought-patterns, beliefs, and behaviour as adults.  Largely unaware of this during our formative days, we come out of childhood simply as the product of what our carers or parents genuinely thought best at the time.

Regardless of what we may feel about our early development, the good news is we can choose to replace old programming with new.  We can take control of our airspace, to deactivate old thinking and activate new ways of seeing the world.


Without a doubt, the most significant influence in my life over the past few years has been the books I’ve read and more recently, the podcasts listened to.  The wealth of wisdom freely available to us at the tap of an app is simply phenomenal!

The great benefit of podcasts is that they can be listened to whilst doing something else such as exercising or driving – you don’t need to find additional time.

Personally, I listen whilst out running and though I sometimes prefer to not have anything playing in my ears, the time spent improving my physical health becomes a double score when it grows my internal world also.


Top Podcasts for personal growth.

In no particular order, the podcasts I have been listening to are:

⇒ Tony Robbins Podcast: Tony Robbins Podcast.  Insight on personal, business, financial, relational, every-kind-of growth you can imagine doesn’t come much better than from this world thought leader.

⇒ OprahOprah’s SuperSoul Conversations.  Oprah is my mentor (she just doesn’t know it).  Some people are guides to our life and this great lady has certainly been that to mine for the past six years.  We all have leanings we are drawn to; if you find yourself curious about exploring and uncovering the value of aligning your life with your soul – Oprah all the way.

⇒ Lewis Howes: The School of Greatness.  Infectiously likable, Lewis has a good mix of male and female guests who lead the field in their given area.  In addition to his regular episodes, ‘5-minute Friday’s’ are a thoughtful mini-hit at the onset of the weekend for when all you have is 5 minutes.

⇒ Tim Ferriss: The Tim Ferriss Show.  The master of long-form interviews, witty, conceptual; this man’s mind blows mine.  Ferris delivers Q&A as a seriously consummate art form.  His choice of words, interview style, and guest interaction are inspiring and the elements I’ve both enjoyed and learned most from.

⇒ Russel Brand: Under The Skin.  My only UK podcast so far, the enlightened Russel Brand is a welcomed voice.  Dipped into only a few times and found insightful but really had to lean in – deep dives!

⇒ Danielle La Porte: Light Work.  New to my library earlier this year, Danielle was a seasonal listen I found greatly helpful.  Though I’m not sure I’d make time to tune in regularly, Danielle exudes a beautifully spiritual feminine energy – great to connect to from time-to-time.  

Tips for Listening

If you’re just getting into podcasts the following may be useful:

  • Allow for seasonal voices.  Some people will have absolutely the right wisdom for you at a given time, and then you may find you ‘go off’ them.  That’s okay, there’s plenty to go at and it may just be your consciousness telling you there are other voices to tune in to.
  • Get past the ads.  Podcasters with a large following often use their platform to generate income through sponsored ads (which is fair enough when you consider that you’re getting their world-class content for free! #perspective)  When I first started listening, the adverts drove me crazy; it’s just something you’ve got to get past.  Fast forward, or phase out the sell and you’ll do okay.
  • Download at home.  I can’t speak for android phones but the podcast settings on an iPhone allow you to toggle a button that means podcasts will only download over Wi-Fi.  This saves episodes to your device that you can then listen to whilst out without using mobile data.
  • Take notes.  Tricky if you’re on the move, but using a note-taking app helps.  I am frequently pausing podcasts to dictate to Evernote.  Not only does visually seeing learned information help us remember it better, but the action of writing it down, helps us encode it further in our psyche.  Where a podcast simply contains too many gold nuggets (oh the joy), I will re-listen at home purposefully with a pen and paper – no other distractions.
  • Follow up recommendations. As with TV chat show’s, podcast guests will often have something new they’re promoting.  I’ve lost count of the number of books I’ve purchased on the back of listening to an episode that I simply wouldn’t have come across otherwise.  Worth it for when an Episode leaves you wanting more!  Guest social media accounts are also worth checking out.

Would love to know what you’re listening to – pop your recommendations below and thank you in advance!







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