All life happens in the present moment.  All. Of. Our. Life.

There simply is no experience of being alive other than a moment by moment state of now-ness.  The thing is…

we’ve gotten brilliant at being everywhere all at once.  And anywhere but ‘here’.

There’s no blame, it’s simply been an evolution of the times we find ourselves living in. Increasingly, we find ourselves absent from the present moment with our attention because we are expertly programmed by our busy lives and ever-present technology to be so.

Having been an Executive Assistant for about ten years of my professional life and a mother for eight of those with a side hustle to boot, I fully participated in the pursuit of excelling at multitasking and of being split in as many different directions as possible. The more we can do, the better we are, right? And that’s just it; our energy is constantly being divided with our body in one place, and our mind elsewhere.

More than ever, the technology we find ourselves living with means we are constantly baited with the opportunity to be anywhere but where we are. Our undivided attention is up for grabs and everyone wants it.

That which shouts loudest or is the most attractive option is often where our focus goes.  Even with the best intentions in the world, when we are ‘there’ but not, it’s often simply because we are either too distracted or better stimulated elsewhere.

If we want to feel more balanced and less pulled in all directions, we must re-train ourselves to connect to the present moment which I know can be easier said than done!


How To Connect To The Present Moment.

Being in the present moment is no more complicated than giving it all of our conscious attention.

That’s it.

It is the simplest of instructions until we try to do just that and realise how many hundred times daily, the mind wanders off course.

How much of our day actually receives our undivided attention?

Giving the present moment our full attention brings an alignment to our life, the compound effect of which is truly balancing to our well being.

And what about the moments we don’t want to be in?

Naturally, I have to raise the question about the moments we don’t want to be in because we all experience those to varying degrees.  The above has pertained to not being in the moment because we’re unknowingly distracted. There are also moments we’d rather avoid because they cause discomfort or are painful, as well as those we simply don’t want to be in.

All I will say on this, is that when we can only allow ourselves to connect to the moments we want to be in, we end up clinging to those kinds of moments and resisting all the others. The resistance creates tension within, a negative energy state we may feel as annoyance, agitation, resentment or fear… even if only mild, it’s there.

Stored energy builds within and creates blockages that do not go away until dealt with in some way.  The wholesome approach to allowing for the full spectrum of life is only ever beneficial to our health and wholeness.

3 Practical Tools To Connect To The Present
  1.  Awareness Is The Key.  Once we become aware of our thoughts and can be the observer of our tendencies, we can begin to take control.  I have personally trained my mind to be less scattered, more intentional and have greater focus through observing my thoughts.
  2. Meditation.  Many swear by it, other people find it’s not for them and I have certainly dipped into it a few times over the years, but of late have been working through a guided meditation app that I really like for just 10 minutes a day.  Being taught how to understand the workings of the mind and consciousness has benefited my life exponentially more times than anything I learned at school or University. Period.
  3. The Breath.  The only thing we’re born with and have with us at all times.  I cannot tell you the number of times I have pulled this simple tool out of the bag to stay centered in good and bad times.  Studying how to breathe is fascinating; it is such an underrated life skill in the Western World but one I now use daily.

In connecting to more present moments, and not to just the good but also the normal, the dull and yes even the painful, then contrary to exposing ourselves to more of life we don’t want to, we actually find a greater sense of content. We open ourselves to realising I’m ok in here…this moment isn’t a cork-pop, but it’s actually ok.

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