When life meets our expectations in any area, we feel balanced.  Our personal composition (the way we are internally wired) means that ‘balance’ equates to different things for each of us.  One persons’ happy is anothers’ horror.  Feeling stressed in any given area is usually the result of an imbalance that often isn’t addressed until it’s become critical.  

Below are steps we can all take to strategically manage our wellbeing and commitments.


Think about and write down what balance in each area of your life would look like to you.  Physical, mental, emotional, spiritual.  What changes would you have to make in order to achieve balance in those areas?  What are you already doing that contributes to your overall wellbeing?  What needs more attention?


Write down your key priorities for the next 12 months. Then look at what activities you fill your days with and see where the two are inconsistent.  If what you’re doing doesn’t align with that, it can go.  Keep that list visual and visit it regularly.  This will serve as a reminder of times when you’re flagging to say ‘yep, this is part of the plan and this is why I’m committed to it’, as well as a ‘NO’, for when you’re spending energies that aren’t part of the plan.

03.|  Decide that making time for yourself IS a priority.  Just as you would schedule in work, time with friends, the family, so too with ‘me’ time. Use that time for whatever floats your boat but preferably something which will leave you feeling renewed.


Get deliberate about the calendar either side of busy seasons ahead.  If that means you arrange a walk with a friend, night out or simply have a week either side where you have nothing planned, make it happen.  Create ROOOOM!


Breathe.  Simple as it sounds, mindfully taking five and breathing consciously can yield powerful mental, emotional and physical results.  I have become increasingly fascinated in breathwork having been personally impacted, and hope to share in a post with you soon.

Don’t wait for a major milestone (or crisis) to occur before taking action.  Make a plan today and see the benefits tomorrow!



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  1. I’m definitely doing that 12 month plan. Fab blog post Olivia. Really brilliant advise.

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