If you’ve ever tried to give something up or cut back on things like phone use, alcohol, sugar, TV,  smoking, it’s possible that it was a challenge.

When your higher self wants to make change (the part of you that knows you should) but your lower self doesn’t, how do you make it happen?


In the last post, I shared a concept called The Four Creatures Of Wanting. The Four Creatures are metaphors for the intensity of our ‘wantings’, and each of the creatures comes with different energy depending on how strongly the wanting shows up in our life.

The last post detailed the creatures, their characteristics, and their energy pulls (it really is the prequel to this post so if you hop and read it before continuing, it will just give a greater context).  This week I will explore how we can work with the energy of cravings which relate to the Strong Dog and Wild Horse, to either release them altogether or to experience them to a lesser degree.


Recap on The Four Creatures Of Wanting

Here’s a quick recap of The Four Creatures’ energies anyway.

The Butterfly: Appears in our consciousness as a fanciful “it would be nice’, but it is passing and will go away of its own accord.  It’s not something we need to do anything about.

It is a passing wish.

The Playful Puppy: Is an energy that gets our attention more than a passing thought would.  The energy is playful though so it’s not something we feel you need to make a concerted effort to deal with.  It might look like “uh I could sink a drink right now but I’ve said I’m only going to do so on three days a week, so tonight I won’t”.

It is a desire.

The Strong Dog: The energy of this kind of wanting is something we feel we are constantly managing.

It is a craving.

The Wild Horse: The wanting we feel is out of control.  We struggle to regulate and more often than not feel controlled by it.

In its strongest form, it is an addiction.



Most of us trying to make changes to behavioural patterns often will-power through by blocking or ignoring our urges and for the most part, it’s all we know to do. However, the things we crave (even mildly) in fact meet a need for us in some way.  Though we can abstain from a thing for a period of time, unless we address the reason we crave it, we’ll find it returns in some other way.  Understanding and exploring why we experience the ‘wantings’ we do is key to helping ourselves see the change our higher self has chosen.


Desire is a longing for.
Craving is a need for.

Desire is a feeling.
Craving is a physical appetite or emotional need.

Desire can be mastered internally.
Craving has an external master.

With craving, enough is never enough.


7 Steps To Working With The Energy Of Cravings

 1. Acknowledge.  Until we acknowledge the creature of our wanting, it remains in the dark.  When it is ‘in the dark’ so-to-speak, it cannot be seen and we can pretend it’s not there.  Once we acknowledge it, it is as if we have switched the light on and in that moment it is no longer undetected and cannot be ignored. We move to a place of personal power

2. Honestly Identify the creature. If we call our Wild Horse a Playful Puppy we will find more ways to justify keeping the creature close by rationalizing our behaviours than giving it the attention it needs from us.

3. Recognise the need behind the want. Often we try to change our inner problems by outer means.  The wanting is not about the thing we want, but the need it meets for us when we satisfy it.  Whether it’s harmful or not, there’s always a need being met back-stage.

4. Observe triggers, the mood just before you felt the craving, what internal chain reaction was just activated? If we want to go deeper, we can be curious about what emotional state the craving could be meeting, we’re looking to feel a certain way… what is that?

5. Be present and pay attention in the moment of wanting.  Is it something that will pass or is it stronger and we need to take action pronto? Habit reversal often requires we know how to create leverage on our self.  We have the quickest access to changing our state by changing our physiology. Get up and move, call someone, listen to a favourite piece of music, anything that encourages the body to vibrate on a higher frequency and to interrupt the patterns you are trying to break.

6. Consider Alternatives – how can the need be met another way?  We are only as imbalanced as our unmet needs.  It’s not wrong to have needs but the way we meet those needs is important; are you meeting your needs in a neutral, positive or negative way?

7. Affirm to yourself that you have the power to change this aspect of your life.  You may be the result of your past programming, but the moment you decide you want to create a different narrative for your life is the moment you begin to open to the possibility of change.

I would love to hear from you if you think your experiences or insights of cravings could also help others. Have The Four Creatures of Wanting been helpful for identifying the energy you experience? Feel free to leave a comment below – thank you so much!


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