I’m Olivia, a 40-something-year-old living in a beautiful part of the planet called Yorkshire. Solopreneur for over seven years, I choose to spend my days in a work/home balance I consciously create. We have a dog that lives in our mind and never needs walking 😂.

I’m a fun-loving mother to one, in her words “you’re not really like a Mum”. I think it’s a compliment. Being there for my family is a priority… as is being there for myself.

I believe showing up for ourselves is one of the most valuable things we can do. From there our whole life flows.

I love the countryside as much as the ocean where I grew up. I adore all the seasons but am a Summer girl at heart. I love the unexpected colours of the sky, joy in many forms, amazing food, and a great gin or oaked chardonnay.

I exercise most days, a habit I started about 12 years ago. It’s saved my ass on multiple levels.

I swear often. I’m also spiritual and check in with the Universe daily, usually whilst walking or running outdoors. I’m a nature enthusiast at heart.

I rarely have favourites – I’m a BOTH kinda person. I like this and that:

  • wellies and heels,
  • staying in and going out,
  • ear-splitting volume and the bliss of quiet,
  • luxury and basic.

See a lighthearted 20 Facts About Me’ here.

I’m pretty sure I’m an Enneagram 7 (9 wing) I’ve taken three tests, which all indicated differently. Apparently, that can happen when you’ve done a lot of deep work on yourself.

Which brings me to how I got into mentoring in the first place…

life happened!

Trying to make sense of it all alone, I found help in the non-judgemental safety of books.  I immersed myself.  Those authors became my mentors. I cracked open, learned, grew, healed.

I’m still learning and everything I do is to help others who want to make sense of and improve themselves, and their life.

That brings us to you.

About You

YOU are the reason for this website. Whether you’re simply curious or already growing a great life, I’m glad you’re here.  It doesn’t matter if you feel you’ve got it together or think you’re a mess, I hope you’ll find something that helps.

Too often (and I’ve done it for years), we go through life by default.  We stick to what we know because we either don’t stand still long enough to figure out what we really do want or because the perceived cost of change is too great.

Dare to be bold, to make the change you’ve probably considered on more than one occasion. It doesn’t have to be big and flashy – in fact, I’m all about the small steps over no steps. You’re here, and that’s a step.

Keep moving.

About Balance

Why Balance? Well because I think the hustle has a lot to answer for.

It’s widely accepted that if we want to achieve anything worthwhile we have to work ourselves into the ground for it, often at the expense of our sanity and wellbeing.  I don’t buy it.

Western cultures major on grades, scores, achievement. Consequently, we often bypass finding out what truly fulfills us till later in life owing to the sheer demands of modern-day living and effort required to make it any different.

When we teach and allow ourselves to restore life balance, we take back control we unknowingly gave to others.

About Mentoring

It’s my greatest privilege to work with so many courageous people who are committed to living their best life.  The world needs this harmonious balance.

Want to know about the kinds of people I mentor and how mentoring could help you? Read more here.

Here’s to the journey! ~ Olivia