What do we look for when we hit that ABOUT button?

Are we looking for more information about the concept, the person, the brand – none of the above?  Ultimately, I guess we all look for a point of connection which sits well with us lending validity and a degree of trust.

Consequently, where on other pages I have been deliberate to be concise, here I’m going to allow space to write more freely.  It matters to me that I do my best to take those of you who are interested behind the scenes because I believe the story behind the script is where we find the most meaningful connections.

About You

I thought we’d start here because YOU are the reason for this website .  It was you who I had in mind and on heart whilst choosing the words for these pages and posts; you whilst conceptualising and designing.  It doesn’t matter if you feel you’ve got it together or think you’re a mess, I hope you’ll find something here that helps.

We each process and respond to lifes’ challenges differently.  To reach out to anybody at all, to even hint at it, is an act of bravery.  We don’t need fixing, we just need to be allowed space to process whatever it is we’re working through.

Whether you are simply curious or are already purposefully growing a great life, I’m glad you’re here.

About Balance

The restoration of balance is more about creating an integrated life than it is finding ways to take time out.

The hustle has much to answer for.  It’s now a widely accepted belief that if we want to achieve anything worthwhile in life we have to work ourself into the ground for it at the expense of our sanity and wellbeing.  I don’t buy it.

Our Western culture majors on achievement; fulfillment is thrown in at the end of the week as a reward for our hard efforts. Consequently, we often bypass finding out what truly fulfills us till later in life owing to the sheer demands of modern day living and effort required to make it any different.

When we can restore our balance, our energies are less likely to be affected by those of others.  We do that by knowing our self.

About The Mission

This site started out life as ‘A Place Within’, I loved the feeling of it championing the connection of those committed to being their authentic self.  In every way, my mission is still to assist people who seek the conscious development of their soul as well as their person for the sake and purpose of life.

When we approach life with a curiosity of fulfillment and completion of being, everything changes.  We live less to acquire, and more, to give.

It is such a privilege to be able to work with so many amazing strong and beautiful people who are committed to living their best life.  The world needs this harmonious balance.

About Now

I don’t know where NOW finds you but I do know that you don’t have to wait for a point in time where you will ‘become’.  If everything to come out of us as people is already within us, then you and I already possess all we need to live our days by design.

Too often (and I’ve done it for years), we go through life by default.  We stick to what we know because we either don’t stand still long enough to figure out what we really do want or because the perceived cost of change is too great.

Change can begin now.  Life is shaped by the decisions we make moment to moment, in the decision to make NOW count.

Finally, About Me…

Upon leaving University, my first class honours degree under my belt, I had with it the relief that I’d never have to pick up a book again.  Seriously.  Twenty years on I’m someone with a daily discipline of learning, growth, and development; physically, mentally and spiritually.  What happened?

As it does, life happened.  Trying to make sense of it all I found help in the non-judgemental safety of reading.  I immersed myself.  Those authors became my mentors.

During hundreds of hours in study, I became increasingly fascinated in why we think, feel and behave the way we do.  I realised that conversations with others in day-to-day life, were constantly drawing on my internal growth.  Though I had been supporting others ‘do what they DO’ with their businesses (through my business The Butler), increasingly, there was a place for helping others ‘be who they BE’.  This is where my mentoring journey began and passion began to unfold.

(and This Site!)

Deciding to take the brave step of making this new dream a reality, early 2017, I began the process of designing a website for my services as a mentor.  This would have been rather a simple process; however amidst deciding what to say and how, I came upon the idea of it being a resource for people.

Around the same time, I had a lightbulb moment of integrating my thoughts and studies on balance with that of human needs.  Consequently, I knew this ‘simple website’  was going to be much bigger than I first imagined.

Although then I didn’t know how much more, I knew it would cost me.  I have been both excited and scared, had moments of profound clarity as well as confront fears I didn’t even know existed.  If this site is anything, it’s an ‘up yours’ to self-doubt.


Stepping out and daring to act on an idea or invite change can be scary, but an authentic life often requires that of us!  When we are connected firstly within ourselves, to life and to others, it really is where riches are found.  

Here’s to the journey!

 ~ Olivia