This is to remind you of your seemingly insignificant achievements.

Most of us will likely consider it a good year if we achieved personal or professional goals we wanted and didn’t have too many rough patches.

Though it’s an obvious equation, it puts the onus on external circumstances to provide the contents page of our story of 2019.

Over the festive period, we’ll no doubt be reminded on TV and social of the years’ events in news, sport, births, marriages, and deaths.  In turn, we get reflective about our own twelve months.

Whilst it’s likely you’ll already have the broad brush strokes of your yearbook, if you feel it’s been average or below par year, I want to share a quick thought that may adjust the lens and give a balance to your chapters.


It’s easy to feel our efforts mean something when they are validated and recognised by others, but much of life’s effort goes totally unnoticed.

Notable events are so because of the emotions attached to them. We remember the significant things in life that make up our conclusion of success or failure.  Naturally, we forget about the small stuff because, well it’s often routine, normal and carries little ‘out-of-the-ordinary’ emotion and yet it’s the small stuff that makes up most of our life’s content.

I’m here to remind you how significant the hundreds of small things you’ve done this year are, and to ask you to consider including them in your story.

Some of your overlooked achievements this year look like consistency and reliability; the times you showed up for yourself and others.  The occasions you were tired but did it anyway.

What about those new habits you stuck to, the way you were there for your people, the encouragement you gave, and the EXTRA you provided.  The flowers you bought your friend going through a tough time, the person you met for coffee even though you had a full day but knew they’d appreciate it?

Do you remember the countless occasions your arms held another who needed to feel held?  When you Googled the kid's homework instead of saying "I don't know" or the number of times you volunteered when no-one else came forward? How many occasions did you have to blow your top but didn't, and no one knew about it?

For these and all the times you dug deep to find a resolve to keep going amidst a tough situation, you are quite remarkable.  It wouldn’t be fair to write about this year without including the aspects of your year that haven’t been celebrated yet; just because they don’t feel amazing, doesn’t mean they’re not.

As we enter the last few weeks of the year and indeed decade, let’s be deliberate in reminding not just ourselves, but those we do life with too, of the small successes of which our yearbook is full,

The best gift’s we’ll ever give are those which can’t be unwrapped.

Sending you all my love and light  ~ Olivia.


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