Before you write your story of 2019…

This is to remind you of your seemingly insignificant achievements.

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+ Olivia Beau

20 Facts About Me

Are you the kind of person who see’s ’20 Facts’ on other people’s Instagram and thinks “Geez I hope they don’t tag me in cos I wouldn’t know what to say?”

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Appreciation: The Key to Fulfilment & the Path Through Pain

Showing appreciation, being thankful and having an attitude of gratitude are features we increasingly see on wellbeing and personal development sites.  It’s borderline #trending but why do we need to be reminded to say thank you – aren’t we all already doing so?

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The Secret To A Successful Summer

Managing the balance of work and play during Summer can be tricky.

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30 Ways To Take Small Steps Over None

This post may just cause you to realise that some of those things which forever seem to be just outside your grasp are perfectly within your reach.

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7 Steps To Working With The Energy Of Cravings

If you’ve ever tried to give something up or cut back on things like phone use, alcohol, sugar, TV,  smoking, it’s possible that it was a challenge. Continue reading “7 Steps To Working With The Energy Of Cravings”


The Four Creatures Of Wanting

At the beginning of Lent this year, I decided to take a break from alcohol. Continue reading “The Four Creatures Of Wanting”


3 Vital Tools For Living In The Moment

All life happens in the present moment.  All. Of. Our. Life.

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Surviving Separation​

Seven years ago this week, my daughter and I left our family home and life as we knew it and started over, just the two of us. Continue reading “Surviving Separation​”


How To Make Wellbeing Less Accidental & More Intentional

Accidental wellbeing is situational.

Intentional wellbeing is strategic. Continue reading “How To Make Wellbeing Less Accidental & More Intentional”


What If All You Had Was 30 Days?

365 days is a long time to wait for the opportunity to reassess or recommit to what we want for our lives…it’s a long time to wait for anything! Continue reading “What If All You Had Was 30 Days?”


Why I’m balancing life by​ doing more

I’ve been balancing my life these past few months by intentionally doing more. Who even says that?

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Top 12 Books for Personal Growth in 2019

Click-baiting I am not, but the books listed here have the potential to change your life.  Fact. Continue reading “Top 12 Books for Personal Growth in 2019”


The 2 Questions To Ask About All Life Imbalance

If you’re happy with the balance of your life then this post is probably not for you;

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4 Simple Strategies To Make Christmas Happen

This year I was somewhat surprised to realise it was December. Continue reading “4 Simple Strategies To Make Christmas Happen”


Conscious Consumerism: Being The Change.

Recently I made time to watch the BBC documentary which I’d seen mentioned a lot on my social feeds: Stacey Dooley Investigates Fashions Dirty Secrets.

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Top Podcast Tips For Personal​ Growth

As Mental Health is a subject we are increasingly more aware of, it is clear that the one thing every human being on the planet is born with has been an under-educated, under-talked-about entity.   Continue reading “Top Podcast Tips For Personal​ Growth”


Life Balance The Lagom Way

LAGOM came on my radar last year, but it was not until recently that I became aware of its meaning. Continue reading “Life Balance The Lagom Way”


How To Stop Stopping:​​ A Guide to Balanced Exercise.

Exercise: like it or loathe it, for many it remains one of the things in life they’d still like to get a handle on.

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How To Nail Holidays With Realistic Expectations

The holiday we hope for, and the one we experience can be two very different things. Continue reading “How To Nail Holidays With Realistic Expectations”