How To Live Knowing You Are Enough

We think we’re not enough because we see others doing so much more with their life and we can only just make it through the day.
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Are You Always Excusing Yourself?

By the time you read this post today, you may well have apologised for something you didn’t need to; you almost certainly will have had unwarranted apologies from others. Continue reading “Are You Always Excusing Yourself?”


Principles For Upgrading Your Thought Health: Pt3

Upgrading our thought health means we align our thoughts with experiencing life AS IT IS, not using the old software of the past.  It means we are deliberate in overwriting unconscious thought patterns that have been the operating system of our lives.

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Principles For Upgrading Your Thought Health: Pt 2

Are you unconsciously experiencing a continual energy drain due to a rogue thought life?  Passing judgement of any kind is a transfer of energy that we only have so much of on any given day.   Continue reading “Principles For Upgrading Your Thought Health: Pt 2”


Principles For Upgrading Your Thought Health: Pt 1

People are gradually waking up to the idea that we are not our thoughts; there is us, and there are the thoughts we think.  In recent years, I have ‘woken-up’ personally i.e. I have begun to see the world with a different level of conscious awareness.

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Overcome Fear With This Simple Distraction Method

Last week when we boarded a plane to Dublin, the lady directly in front of me was in a state of complete fear about the whole experience.  Clearly, she had a major internal imbalance causing her distress.  I had a pretty good sense that I could help if she was open to it.

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Balancing Self Worth & Social Media

Our self worth is never determined by others; we are not enough when they validate us or tell us how good they think we are.  We are always enough.

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Why personal balance is everything

When was the last time you over ate…drank…worked…spent…socialised…committed?

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This Is The Cost Of What You Want Most

It’s what makes the best novels great, the most captivating movies sell-out, the scenario in which the main character must pay the unthinkable cost for what they most desire.

You lean in, hoping they don’t choose the option that means if the same were true for you in your current situation you’d be screwed.

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8 Powerful Practices For Surviving Uncertain Seasons

Have you ever had the feeling you’re on the cusp of something new but there are no clear signs as to what that ‘something’ is?


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The Alchemy Of Women

3,769,600,000.  That’s the approximate number of women on the plant right now that we know of*.


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The desire for authentic connection. What we’ve lost in Instagram

Over recent weeks, I have seen many an Instagram post of someone weighing up their purpose for using the platform.  ‘It’s just not the same!’ seems to be the common thread. And they’re right.  It’s not. Continue reading “The desire for authentic connection. What we’ve lost in Instagram”


Are You Making Life Happen For Everyone But Yourself?

In a world where people are increasingly looking to up their game, do you find you have no problems in meeting the expectations of others, but where your own desires are concerned… erm (insert flushed face emoji), it just seems to not happen?  

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What would it take for you to feel OK?

Have you ever considered how many things need to be ‘just so’ in order for you to feel you’re having a good day?  Is it you have a long list, or does it not really take that much? 

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Why ‘all or nothing’ people don’t play by the 80/20 rule

Some of us in life are, by our own admission, ‘all or nothing’.  For the most part – we don’t especially get on with moderation.  If we’re doing a thing, we’re balls-out doing it, and if we’re not, then we’re really not.

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How do you Balance Being and Doing?

If there’s a common thread of late from people I’m working with and in my social media feeds, it’s the desire to prioritise more time for wellbeing. Continue reading “How do you Balance Being and Doing?”


The change we procrastinate about

Is there a thing in your life you’ve been feeling you really ought to change?

Maybe it’s not urgent and so it’s on a back burner.

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4 steps to breaking in​ new habits before they break you

If you’re reading this whilst trying to break in a new habit, chances are your intention is not in question but you may be unsure of your ability to see it through.

Whatever we purpose to do (or not do), it has to be repeated often enough in order for it to become a habit.  Until then, it’s not safe.

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Keys to Designing Personal Success

This week I’m excited to be sharing Part One of what I believe to be vital components for the makings of a great year.  In order for us to genuinely feel that anything is a personal success, it has to align with our personal definition of what that means.

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No Goals No Problem

This post is for all of you who have ZERO GOALS for the New Year but do want to do something progressive towards a great year whilst you figure life out.

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