A first Christmas without my daughter.

This Christmas will be my FIRST without my daughter.  She is eleven, my only child and person I share daily life with; she will be going to spend Christmas with her father.  I say this for context, not because it’s sad or I’m feeling woeful.

I know I am not alone.  It will also be the first for thousands of children and parents the world over in families where both parents are no longer together.   Continue reading “A first Christmas without my daughter.”


How to BE in the moments you don’t want

Have you ever been in one of those situations where your body was there as your representative but that was about it. 

You were there in person but completely absent inside?  It could’ve been a one-off event you endured or maybe it was a more painful experience which lasted a few weeks or even years.

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The Imperfect Christmas Season Guide

The Christmas season is an extreme one.  Though we know to expect it every 12 months, we still find ourselves with pressures and expectations which can produce some out-of-character emotions. Continue reading “The Imperfect Christmas Season Guide”


When change screws with the balance of life

Have you had seasons in life when everything went just as you thought it should?  Perhaps it was something you planned which worked out really well, or maybe it wasn’t even that deliberate – life just bobbed along nicely for a while…

Aren’t those times great?!

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Overcoming the dread of socialising


Do you ever face the slightly uncomfortable scenario when an invite lands, that you want to go and you also don’t?

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Five Minutes with Ali Mapletoft

Ali Mapletoft is the ever-inspiring force behind the brand, Age of Reason.  “Beautiful, uncompromising things made in an empowering environment free from exploitation” is the heart of the culture, bringing a much-needed balance to the way many clothes and homewares are produced today.  

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5 things you can do today to restore balance

When life meets our expectations in any area, we feel balanced.  Our personal composition (the way we are internally wired) means that ‘balance’ equates to different things for each of us.  One persons’ happy is anothers’ horror.  Feeling stressed in any given area is usually the result of an imbalance that often isn’t addressed until it’s become critical.   Continue reading “5 things you can do today to restore balance”


What Yoda knows about your energy

Vibe, flow, disposition; we all have a unique frequency that, as the saying goes ‘attracts our tribe’.   Continue reading “What Yoda knows about your energy”


Five Minutes with Rae Feather

Rae Feather is the Managing Director of the self-named lifestyle brand RAE FEATHER.  Launched in 2013, it began as a ready-to-wear line and organically became an accessories brand.  Introducing THE monogram basket was a game-changer; it fast gained iconic appeal after gracing many a bloggers’ social media feed.  This changed the original business model and has made it the brand it is today. Continue reading “Five Minutes with Rae Feather”


When the struggle is real

When Adele collected her third Brit Award, we saw her ‘have a moment’.  Struggling through tears, she said, “I got really lost for a while… and I didn’t know if I’d come back”.

The global, best-selling, multi-award-winning success of the record album that is ’25’ was almost never made, and the world would never have known about it.

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Life Coach v Mentor

As the notion of having a life coach or mentor becomes more commonplace, it’s good to note that although the terms are often used interchangeably, there are differences between the two.  Naturally, there’s overlap and it by no means is an exact science, but the following may help if you are looking to develop yourself personally. Continue reading “Life Coach v Mentor”