Top 12 Books for Personal Growth

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The 2 Questions To Ask About All Life Imbalance

If you’re happy with the balance of your life then this post is probably not for you;

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4 Simple Strategies To Make Christmas Happen

This year I was somewhat surprised to realise it was December. Continue reading “4 Simple Strategies To Make Christmas Happen”


Conscious Consumerism: Being The Change.

Recently I made time to watch the BBC documentary which I’d seen mentioned a lot on my social feeds: Stacey Dooley Investigates Fashions Dirty Secrets.

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Life Balance The Lagom Way

LAGOM came on my radar last year, but it was not until recently that I became aware of its meaning. Continue reading “Life Balance The Lagom Way”


How To Stop Quitting on Exercise

Do you want to hold down your exercise habit but just can’t?  

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How To Nail Holidays With Realistic Expectations

The holiday we hope for, and the one we experience can be two very different things. Continue reading “How To Nail Holidays With Realistic Expectations”


How To Live Knowing You Are Enough

We think we’re not enough because we see others doing so much more with their life and we can only just make it through the day.
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Are You Always Excusing Yourself?

By the time you read this post today, you may well have apologised for something you didn’t need to; you almost certainly will have had unwarranted apologies from others. Continue reading “Are You Always Excusing Yourself?”


Principles For Upgrading Your Thought Health: Pt3

Upgrading our thought health means we align our thoughts with experiencing life AS IT IS, not using the old software of the past.  It means we are deliberate in overwriting unconscious thought patterns that have been the operating system of our lives.

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Principles For Upgrading Your Thought Health: Pt 2

Are you unconsciously experiencing a continual energy drain due to a rogue thought life?  Passing judgement of any kind is a transfer of energy that we only have so much of on any given day.   Continue reading “Principles For Upgrading Your Thought Health: Pt 2”


Principles For Upgrading Your Thought Health: Pt 1

People are gradually waking up to the idea that we are not our thoughts; there is us, and there are the thoughts we think.  In recent years, I have ‘woken-up’ personally i.e. I have begun to see the world with a different level of conscious awareness.

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