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Everything you need to know about my 3 day health boost.

Recently I felt the need for a little bit of a health boost.


Is Ego-naming the missing link to your self-acceptance?

Recently I named my ego.


25 books to orient you post-lockdown

As we surface from a year like no other, where do YOU (you personally) go from here?

+ same old same old

Liven up your ‘same old’ days with some of this

Tired of the same old same old? Have your days blended into one big blur? Do you want to do SOMETHING to change it up?! I’ve got something for you to try on for size.

+ social media holiday

Do you need a social media holiday?

December 2020 I decided to take a month off social in the new year, no posting, no checking, no apps. A month became almost 6 weeks.


5 Positive Practices to Help Yourself During Lockdown

Are you feeling alone and disconnected?


Mind Management & Finding Connection During Lockdown

Helping ourselves through tough times is an act of service we don’t always feel like performing…

+ Lonely, Isolated, Alone? Move Through All The Feelings

Lonely, Isolated, Alone? Move Through All The Feelings

If there’s anything I know first-hand, it’s tried and tested ways to do being alone well.

Learn To Lovingly Call Yourself Out Like This

How do you begin to heal or deal with parts of yourself that tend to live in the shadows…?

Are Your Beliefs Holding You Back?

You may know what you want. You may know how to get it.


Before you write your story of 2019…

This is to remind you of your seemingly insignificant achievements.

Step out of shame about your health rut

The stories we tell ourselves about the way things are can be our jailor.

+ 7 Steps To Working With The Energy Of Cravings

7 Steps To Working With The Energy Of Cravings

If you’ve ever tried to give something up or cut back on things like phone use, alcohol, sugar, TV,  smoking, it’s possible that it was a challenge.


The Four Creatures Of Wanting

At the beginning of Lent this year, I decided to take a break from alcohol.


3 Vital Tools For Living In The Moment

All life happens in the present moment.  All. Of. Our. Life.

+ What If All You Had Was 30 Days?

What If All You Had Was 30 Days?

365 days is a long time to wait for the opportunity to reassess or recommit to what we want for our lives…it’s a long time to wait for anything!


Why I’m balancing life by​ doing more

I’ve been balancing my life these past few months by intentionally doing more. Who even says that?


Conscious Consumerism: Being The Change.

Recently I made time to watch the BBC documentary which I’d seen mentioned a lot on my social feeds: Stacey Dooley Investigates Fashions Dirty Secrets.


Are You Always Sorry?

By the time you read this post today, you may well have apologised for something you didn’t need to; you almost certainly will have had unwarranted apologies from others.

+ Principles For Upgrading Your Thought Health: Part 3

Principles For Upgrading Your Thought Health: Pt3

Upgrading our thought health means we align our thoughts with experiencing life AS IT IS, not using the old software of the past.  It means we are deliberate in overwriting unconscious thought patterns that have been the operating system of our lives.