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+ How To Make Wellbeing Less Accidental & More Intentional

How To Make Wellbeing Less Accidental & More Intentional

Accidental wellbeing is situational. Intentional wellbeing is strategic.

+ Are You Making Life Happen For Everyone But Yourself?

Are You Making Life Happen For Everyone But Yourself?

In a world where people are increasingly looking to up their game, do you find you have no problems in meeting the expectations of others, but where your own desires are concerned… erm ūüė≥ (insert flushed face emoji), it just seems to not happen? ¬†

+ What would it take for you to feel OK?

What would it take for you to feel OK?

Have you ever considered how many things need to be ‘just so’ in order for you to feel you’re having a good day? ¬†Is it you have a long list, or does it not really take that much?¬†


Why ‘all or nothing’ people don’t play by the 80/20 rule

Some of us in life are, by our own admission,¬†‘all or nothing’. ¬†For the most part – we don’t especially get on with moderation. ¬†If we’re doing a thing, we’re balls-out doing it, and if we’re not, then we’re really not.


The change we procrastinate about

Is there a thing in your life you’ve been feeling you really ought to change? Maybe it’s not urgent and so it’s on a back burner.


4 steps to breaking in‚Äč new habits before they break you

If you’re reading this whilst trying to break in a new habit, chances are your intention is not in question but you may be unsure of your ability to see it through. Whatever we purpose to do (or not do), it has to be repeated often enough in order for it to become a habit. ¬†Until then, it’s not safe.


Keys to Designing Personal Success

This week I’m excited to be sharing Part One of what I believe to be vital components for the makings of a great year. ¬†In order for us to genuinely feel that anything is a personal success, it has to align with our personal definition of what that means.


No Goals No Problem

This post is for all of you who have ZERO GOALS for the New Year but do want to do something progressive towards a great year whilst you figure life out.


A first Christmas without my daughter.

This Christmas will be my FIRST without my daughter. ¬†She is eleven, my only child and person I share daily life with; she will be going to spend Christmas with her father. ¬†I say this for context, not because it‚Äôs sad or I‚Äôm feeling woeful. I know I am not alone. ¬†It will also be the first for thousands of children and parents the … Read More A first Christmas without my daughter.


The Imperfect Christmas Season Guide

The Christmas season is an extreme one.  Though we know to expect it every 12 months, we still find ourselves with pressures and expectations which can produce some out-of-character emotions.

+ When change screws with the balance of life

When change screws with the balance of life

Have you had seasons in life when everything went just as you thought it should? ¬†Perhaps it was something you planned which worked out really¬†well, or maybe it wasn’t even that deliberate – life just bobbed along nicely for a while… Aren’t those times great?!


5 things you can do today to restore balance

When life meets our expectations in any area, we feel balanced. ¬†Our personal composition (the way we are internally wired) means that ‘balance’ equates to different things for each of us. ¬†One persons’ happy is anothers’ horror. ¬†Feeling stressed in any given area is usually the result of an imbalance that often isn’t addressed until it’s become critical. ¬†


What Yoda knows about your energy

Vibe, flow, disposition; we all have a unique frequency that, as the saying goes ‘attracts our tribe’. ¬†


When the struggle is real

When Adele collected her third Brit Award, we saw her ‘have a moment’. ¬†Struggling through tears, she said, “I got really lost for a while… and I didn’t know if I’d come back”. The global, best-selling, multi-award-winning success of the record album that is ’25’ was almost never made, and the world would never have known about it.


Life Coach v Mentor

As the notion of having a life coach or mentor becomes more commonplace, it’s good to note that although the terms are often used interchangeably, there are differences between the two. ¬†Naturally, there’s overlap and it by no means is an exact science, but the following may help if you are looking to develop yourself personally.