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Lockdown Aftermath: 5 Ways to Restore Balance

If you’ve taken a significant hit last 12 months, restoring emotional, physical and mental credit to your health balance is important.

+ same old same old

Liven up your ‘same old’ days with some of this

Tired of the same old same old? Have your days blended into one big blur? Do you want to do SOMETHING to change it up?! I’ve got something for you to try on for size.

+ social media holiday

Do you need a social media holiday?

December 2020 I decided to take a month off social in the new year, no posting, no checking, no apps. A month became almost 6 weeks.


Mind Management & Finding Connection During Lockdown

Helping ourselves through tough times is an act of service we don’t always feel like performing…


The Secret To A Successful Summer

Managing the balance of work and play during Summer can be tricky.

+ 7 Steps To Working With The Energy Of Cravings

7 Steps To Working With The Energy Of Cravings

If you’ve ever tried to give something up or cut back on things like phone use, alcohol, sugar, TV,  smoking, it’s possible that it was a challenge.


The Four Creatures Of Wanting

At the beginning of Lent this year, I decided to take a break from alcohol.


3 Vital Tools For Living In The Moment

All life happens in the present moment.  All. Of. Our. Life.

+ How To Make Wellbeing Less Accidental & More Intentional

How To Make Wellbeing Less Accidental & More Intentional

Accidental wellbeing is situational. Intentional wellbeing is strategic.


Why I’m balancing life by​ doing more

I’ve been balancing my life these past few months by intentionally doing more. Who even says that?


The 2 Questions To Ask About All Life Imbalance

If you’re happy with the balance of your life then this post is probably not for you;


How To Stop Quitting on Exercise

Do you want to hold down your exercise habit but just can’t?  


How To Nail Holidays With Realistic Expectations

The holiday we hope for, and the one we experience can be two very different things.


Why personal balance is everything

When was the last time you over ate…drank…worked…spent…socialised…committed?

+ Are You Making Life Happen For Everyone But Yourself?

Are You Making Life Happen For Everyone But Yourself?

In a world where people are increasingly looking to up their game, do you find you have no problems in meeting the expectations of others, but where your own desires are concerned… erm 😳 (insert flushed face emoji), it just seems to not happen?  


Why ‘all or nothing’ people don’t play by the 80/20 rule

Some of us in life are, by our own admission, ‘all or nothing’.  For the most part – we don’t especially get on with moderation.  If we’re doing a thing, we’re balls-out doing it, and if we’re not, then we’re really not.


How do you Balance Being and Doing?

If there’s a common thread of late from people I’m working with and in my social media feeds, it’s the desire to prioritise more time for wellbeing.


No Goals No Problem

This post is for all of you who have ZERO GOALS for the New Year but do want to do something progressive towards a great year whilst you figure life out.


5 things you can do today to restore balance

When life meets our expectations in any area, we feel balanced.  Our personal composition (the way we are internally wired) means that ‘balance’ equates to different things for each of us.  One persons’ happy is anothers’ horror.  Feeling stressed in any given area is usually the result of an imbalance that often isn’t addressed until it’s become critical.  


Life Coach v Mentor

As the notion of having a life coach or mentor becomes more commonplace, it’s good to note that although the terms are often used interchangeably, there are differences between the two.  Naturally, there’s overlap and it by no means is an exact science, but the following may help if you are looking to develop yourself personally.