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Everything you need to know about my 3 day health boost.

Recently I felt the need for a little bit of a health boost.


Eat the cake when…

“Life’s short eat the cake” they say…

How the heck I got myself to take cold showers

What in your life do you wish you could stick to?


15 Mental & Physical Winter Health Practices

Every winter there is a few practices I commit to that set me up to do the season well. They’ve been honed and added to overtime.


Using A Habit Tracker To Make Life Happen

So many people asked for more info about the Habit Tracker I had to do something about it.


5 Positive Practices to Help Yourself During Lockdown

Are you feeling alone and disconnected?

+ Using Movement & Food to Lift Your Mood During Lockdown

Using Movement & Food to Lift Your Mood During Lockdown

When we feel low, moving our body and eating for nutrition are two of the simplest, most beneficial practices we can commit to.  They’re also often the most challenging.

+ This Amazing Lady Gained Confidence, Lost 5 Stone & Changed Her Life

How Nicola Gained Confidence, Lost 5 Stone & Changed Her Life

When Nicola got in touch asking for help she was desperate to gain control of her life.  Over 18 stone, she wanted to lose the weight she’d lived with for years. She’d tried all the diets and the personal trainer, but couldn’t keep from returning to negative patterns. Though happy with her life, she felt ashamed of her appearance and fearful of what others thought. Nicola knew it … Read More How Nicola Gained Confidence, Lost 5 Stone & Changed Her Life

Step out of shame about your health rut

The stories we tell ourselves about the way things are can be our jailor.

+ 30 Ways To Take Small Steps Over None

30 Ways To Take Small Steps Over None

This post may just cause you to realise that some of those things which forever seem to be just outside your grasp are perfectly within your reach.

+ 7 Steps To Working With The Energy Of Cravings

7 Steps To Working With The Energy Of Cravings

If you’ve ever tried to give something up or cut back on things like phone use, alcohol, sugar, TV,  smoking, it’s possible that it was a challenge.

20 Facts About Me

Are you the kind of person who sees ’20 Facts’ on other people’s Instagram and thinks “Geez I hope they don’t tag me in cos I wouldn’t know what to say?”


The Four Creatures Of Wanting

At the beginning of Lent this year, I decided to take a break from alcohol.


How To Stop Quitting on Exercise

Do you want to hold down your exercise habit but just can’t?  


Why personal balance is everything

When was the last time you over ate…drank…worked…spent…socialised…committed?

+ the cost of what you most want

The Cost Of What You Want Most

It’s what makes the best novels great, the most captivating movies sell-out, the scenario in which the main character must pay the unthinkable cost for what they most desire. You lean in, hoping they don’t choose the option that means if the same were true for you in your current situation you’d be screwed.


Why ‘all or nothing’ people don’t play by the 80/20 rule

Some of us in life are, by our own admission, ‘all or nothing’.  For the most part – we don’t especially get on with moderation.  If we’re doing a thing, we’re balls-out doing it, and if we’re not, then we’re really not.


The change we procrastinate about

Is there a thing in your life you’ve been feeling you really ought to change? Maybe it’s not urgent and so it’s on a back burner.


4 steps to breaking in​ new habits before they break you

If you’re reading this whilst trying to break in a new habit, chances are your intention is not in question but you may be unsure of your ability to see it through. Whatever we purpose to do (or not do), it has to be repeated often enough in order for it to become a habit.  Until then, it’s not safe.