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Is Ego-naming the missing link to your self-acceptance?

Recently I named my ego.


25 books to orient you post-lockdown

As we surface from a year like no other, where do YOU (you personally) go from here?


Using A Habit Tracker To Make Life Happen

So many people asked for more info about the Habit Tracker I had to do something about it.


Top 12 Podcasts For Personal​ Development & Tips For Listening.

Will listening to personal development podcasts improve your wellbeing? 


Mind Management & Finding Connection During Lockdown

Helping ourselves through tough times is an act of service we don’t always feel like performing…


Top 20 Instagram Accounts for Personal Growth

I’m often asked to recommend books, podcasts, YouTube accounts and of course, social.

+ 30 Ways To Take Small Steps Over None

30 Ways To Take Small Steps Over None

This post may just cause you to realise that some of those things which forever seem to be just outside your grasp are perfectly within your reach.

+ What If All You Had Was 30 Days?

What If All You Had Was 30 Days?

365 days is a long time to wait for the opportunity to reassess or recommit to what we want for our lives…it’s a long time to wait for anything!


Why I’m balancing life by​ doing more

I’ve been balancing my life these past few months by intentionally doing more. Who even says that?

+ Top 12 Books for Personal Growth

Top 12 Books for Personal Growth

Click-baiting I am not, but the books listed here have the potential to change your life.  Fact.


The 2 Questions To Ask About All Life Imbalance

If you’re happy with the balance of your life then this post is probably not for you;

+ the cost of what you most want

The Cost Of What You Want Most

It’s what makes the best novels great, the most captivating movies sell-out, the scenario in which the main character must pay the unthinkable cost for what they most desire. You lean in, hoping they don’t choose the option that means if the same were true for you in your current situation you’d be screwed.


The change we procrastinate about

Is there a thing in your life you’ve been feeling you really ought to change? Maybe it’s not urgent and so it’s on a back burner.


Keys to Designing Personal Success

This week I’m excited to be sharing Part One of what I believe to be vital components for the makings of a great year.  In order for us to genuinely feel that anything is a personal success, it has to align with our personal definition of what that means.


No Goals No Problem

This post is for all of you who have ZERO GOALS for the New Year but do want to do something progressive towards a great year whilst you figure life out.