Becoming Yourself: The Course For Aspiring Grown-Ups is the handbook to being human none of us were given when we were younger.

Whatever you want in life, understanding the ways you experience yourself is the single biggest catalyst. More than ever before, people are realising that their greatest asset is a healthy mindset.

Often what holds us back, are all the things about ourselves that we don’t know, things no one explained…until now!

Choosing to become a better version of yourself is only ever a good thing.  Life-areas feel more integrated, you move through your days with greater ease and confidence. You become a well being.

Included in the Course

  • 80 digital pages in PDF format
  • 10 Mindset Modules
  • SOS Toolkit: 7 tools for an exceptional life.
  • Recommended further-learning resources including 36 books on how humans work, spirit & soul, specific deep-dives & becoming. 

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Note: sample is a selection of pages that do not follow on in the course.

Upgrade your experience with one-to-one course-specific coaching. This is a one-off, 45-minute video call based on the course area you want to explore further.

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What people say

“I have to say, having worked with you as a mentor, I didn’t know what extra I’d get from the course.  It was easily worth double every penny.  It underpins everything we talk about, as well as giving me so much more 

“This course doesn’t feel like a course.  It feels like a conversation with someone who gets me.” 

“I’ve done lots of online courses and this is up there with the best.  Deep yet accessible, profound yet practical, it’s inspired me to want to be a better human.” 

“A very practical, hands-on guide to personal development 101.  Take this as deep as you would like!” 

“Just what I needed!  The deeper work we know we should do but don’t know how… I’m now finally doing it”


To have the fullest expression of being alive means we embrace all the facets of who we are. BECOMING YOURSELF will take you on this journey, here’s how:

  1. The beliefs you have about yourself.  Why you have them, how you detach from old ones and how to upgrade with new ones.
  2. The past & present internal and external forces that shape you.
  3. The balance between HUMAN you and BEING you.
  4. How to free yourself from patterns and blockages that hold you back or keep you circling.
  5. The 2 elements you need to know to close the gap between where you are and where you want to be.
  6. The human needs shaping your life.
  7. Why being enough already shouldn’t hold you back from going for better or more.
  8. The second half of life opportunity they call a mid-life crisis. 
  9. How to align the current version of you with the best version you have in your head: learn how to sell yourself the idea and get yourself on board!
  10. The 5% Golden Ticket to whatever you want.
  11. How to teach yourself to take control of your thoughts.

The better version of you makes sense

 Who you are today, right here and now, is enough (so enough), but upgrading yourself makes so much sense. Regardless of what we each think a great life is, whether it’s making our fortune, saving the planet or blissfully happy working from home, at the core of it, we want similar things:

At our core, we want to be present in our life feeling healthy and happy and to enjoy it with those we love.

How it works. 

📄 The course is a deep-dive, designed to be taken in 3 parts.  Each part will take 45 minutes to 1 hour.

📄 10 Mindset Exercises are woven throughout. You’ll need a journal or notebook to complete them along with some quality ‘you’ time.

📄 Once payment is complete, you’ll receive an email containing the course to DOWNLOAD with instant access to the PDF.

📄 For optimal experience, the course is best viewed on a tablet or laptop computer.  If you only have access to a smartphone, make sure to hold your device in landscape mode (on its side) not portrait.

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