“Life’s short eat the cake” they say…

but there’s a quote for everything these days so how about EAT THE CAKE, dessert, (or food vice you need to insert here), when:

  1. You’re not going to punish yourself for it afterwards.
  2. It’s a rarity more than a regular.
  3. You know it’s not going to trip a switch or set off a chain reaction you can’t get yourself back from.
  4. It’s your birthday!

Sweet is so my thing. Going back 18 years or so, the opposite of the 4 above would’ve been true. I couldn’t regulate my eating, and like many people, was in a viscious cycle of trying, failing, and regret.

I got so sick of being on and off the wagon until I finally found a way of eating I could stick with.

Unless it’s a big occasion, I don’t do the cake or dessert thing.

🍫 I do however, allow myself half a bar (50g), of 90% chocolate every day, with no other sugar or sweet thing (including fruit till recently) throughout the day.

(For those of you interested, I started with 70%, then 85% and now 90% cocoa)

It’s taken SO MUCH DISCIPLINE – things we’re addicted to are hard to break an attachment with right? BUT I every day I get to enjoy a good amount of something I love and not break my boundaries in the process.

Once I saw how my body started to respond both physically and energetically, I couldn’t go back. I mean I so could … but choose not to.

My energy levels are consistent morning till night and I only experience dips mid-cycle (menstrual… not bike😉). At 43 that is such a gift – it feels amazing!

Over my birthday weekend recently, away in the beautiful city of Edinburgh, I didn’t share but ate my own desserts, dipped in on my daughter’s gelatos both days, and generally didn’t hold back.

That said, I’m aware that what I did choose was influenced by my natural dietary preferences these days. Anything ultra-processed, I avoid, so it wasn’t like I went crazy.

My body handled it amazingly, I didn’t feel any post-sugar lows. I felt ZERO GUILT. Not a smidgen.

Post birthday weekend, I’m back to the 90% chocolate.

There’s ALWAYS an occasion to eat the thing right? There just IS! But for me, it just. isn’t. worth it.

The more we find out about sugar and what it doesn’t to our bodies, the less hard it is for me to stick to the 90% 🍫 anyway.

Some of us can’t do ‘all things in moderation’, or even the rule of 80/20 because it’s really hard for us to moderate what’s a borderline addiction.

If that’s you, you’ll know it’s easier to stay on the straight and narrow and say NO altogether, or have boundaries you rarely break.

You’ve gotta do what works for you. So if you know that eating the cake isn’t going to serve where you’re at, let yourself choose differently.

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