Rae Feather is the Managing Director of the self-named lifestyle brand RAE FEATHER.  Launched in 2013, it began as a ready-to-wear line and organically became an accessories brand.  Introducing THE monogram basket was a game-changer; it fast gained iconic appeal after gracing many a bloggers’ social media feed.  This changed the original business model and has made it the brand it is today.

You come home from a busy day, what do you do to instantly create calm?
I walk. I have 3 dogs.  I live near Stowe House which has the most beautiful gardens designed by Capability Brown.  I often go and don’t see another person for the entire walk – it’s like my own private (very) large garden.
Do you think balance is something we get better at as we get older? Have your priorities changed, and if so, in what way?
I think we are more aware of what balance is as we get older.  My main priority is my children but as they get older they become so independent.  At times I have felt almost redundant as a mother.  I struggle with my independence now.  I feel I should be waiting for them when in fact I should be independent and make plans outside them.
Workwise I don’t have much balance, I love what I do and don’t feel its ‘work’ so to speak.  I feel very privileged to do something I enjoy.
Rae Feather (the brand) is almost 4 years old, what advice would you give to yourself just starting out?
Take it slowly.  Rome was not built in a day.  Stay true to yourself and your brand and you don’t have to spend a fortune to get great a good website.  I know that sounds odd but I invested heavily in a company to build my original website.  They were a fortune and did a very poor job!  I then went to another small agency, spent 75% less and got a great site that I could manage.
Tell me how you stay creatively renewed.  What do you do when you need that spark of inspiration?
I research all the time.  I go on Pinterest or Instagram.  Just being out and about I see things.  I sometimes see something and think it is one thing and when I get closer it’s not what I thought it was, but loved my original thought and often bring that forward for development.
What has been the biggest influence on your life?
My parents had the most incredible work ethic.  Both my parents still work.  They started a business in their early 20”s and worked so very hard.  My mother went back to college for a year in her 40’s.  They have undoubtedly been the biggest influence.  The other person was my Grandmother.  She had 13 children and she ran a tight ship.  I’m not quite sure how she did it but she did and she made the best apple pie I’ve ever tasted!!!!
The most challenging aspect of being you is…?

I have the attention span of a nat!  I change conversations constantly.  Ria, my right arm, used to get so frustrated but now she takes notes and says things like, can we go back to…?

There’s a lot of extremes in the world right now.  If change begins with us, what can we all do to bring the pendulum back?
Communicate with our children.  They are the next generation, they are our legacy.   Teach them to love, be good and kind, not only to others but to themselves and the planet.
You can choose just one item from your own website…
That is tough but I’m going to go for the new cotton canvas bag.  It is lovely to carry, it’s light, you can fit the world into it or you can carry just your purse – it’s a proper doer!!!
Big thanks to Rae for her time – find out more about RaeFeather.com on her gorgeous website here.


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