Hi, I’m Olivia…Everything I do is to help you make the journey to where you want to be.

Life can feel so complicated and yet at the end of the day we share simple common needs.  To feel fulfilled and that our life matters.

Whether you’re carving out a bold new plan or mostly happy as you are, there’s a reason you’re here.

I’m guessing there’s at least one area in life you’d like to get a handle on.  It takes courage to look down the barrel of life and to DO SOMETHING about it, so ‘well done’ for getting this far.

In the search for a life that reflects who we are at our core many of us have woken up to ourselves.

As a result, we know that the answer to the issues we face isn’t achieved by fixing the world outside of us.  For us to feel that we’re winning, or at the least on our way to saying ‘Yeah, I MADE IT!’ we have to do the work within.

Are you ready to take another step to living the life you want?

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I encourage key values of wholeness, conscious living and commitment to personal growth.  This is a judgement-free zone.  I don’t do perfect, I simply welcome wherever you are on your journey.” 

 ~ Olivia     

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None of us enters life with a manual

…we figure it out as we go.


Feeling a sense of both fulfillment and achievement is vital to our wellbeing.  Imbalances occur all the time be they physical, work, relational, mental or emotional.  Whatever our walk in life, we are more likely to look for guidance when:

Something has happened and we want answers as to ‘why’ or ‘what next?’.

We feel stuck, and need or want to create movement in order to get beyond where we are now.

We know exactly what we want but despite our best efforts, can’t seem to take consistent action in order to get there.

We are no longer needed in a role that we once occupied such as a relationship or position at work.  Now it’s gone, we feel lost.

Overwhelm.  Too many plates, too busy, too… much… everything.

It’s safe to say that at least one (if not all) of the above would ring true for all of us at some point in life, so if you’re there now, you’re in good company.  It is not a sign of weakness or failure, it is simply life!

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