We think we’re not enough because we see others doing so much more with their life and we can only just make it through the day.

We think we’re not enough when we fail to meet other peoples standards.

We think we’re not enough because of past failings that we can never quite erase from the chalkboard of our life.

We think we’re not enough because we believe the lies we were told by others or the ones we’ve told ourselves.

We think we’re not enough when we don’t get the validation we think we would if we really were enough.

We think we’re not enough when we feel like a cobbled-together version of the ‘real person’ we’re supposed to be.

We think we’re not enough because we’ve always equated it being something we get from the outside, not an internal knowing.

We don’t even know WHY we think this way… we just do!


Why Do We Believe We Are Not Enough?

Any thought of being not enough is a lie told by our false self that we have believed.  There is a constant struggle between our false self and our true self that for the most part we are unaware of.

Our false self (which isn’t bad, it’s just trying to survive… always… in every situation) makes worthiness conditional.  Our true self knows we are already enough but often rarely gets a voice.  Of more importance than feeling enough as we are (which is what our true self knows), is our desire to be accepted; the false self tells us we only achieve when we are enough!

Here’s where it gets even more screwy.  At the same time that we want to be accepted and to fit in, our false self also wants to be unique, special and important.  This need is fulfilled when we are the best at something or we have the best, i.e. belongings and possessions.  Alternatively, we may have a really stand-out style or personality which can be introverted or extroverted… both stand out.

The catalyst for the above (stay with me) is that “if all those other people are already enough and without the need to do any of the stuff I’ve had to do to get where I am or be who I am, that kinda makes me and my efforts, less special”.


Why We Will Never Achieve ‘Enough’ Status

Merit-based worthiness has us constantly striving because, as with all things, life is ever-evolving so there is always newer, bigger, better.

Instead of a win-win situation, where we all accept we’re enough as we are and in whatever capacity,  a win-lose scenario exists where we go along with the notion that we are all not enough, only a select few.

It’s a game in which only a few people come out on top, having broken the mold and thus adding to the desirability factor of needing to ‘make it!’


I Feel a Little Disclaimer is Necessary Here

This is NOT to downplay gunning for greatness, or being hungry to smash goals or the pursuit of anything which sets new and unprecedented heights.

At all.

This is about acknowledging the rarely held belief that we are also enough BEFORE any of our successes, dreams and aspirations come to pass.

And whereas you may think those aspirational factors would stop us from trying as hard to see them happen, the reality is not so.  The energy possibly wasted in the pursuit of perfection is simply harnessed for the greater good of seeing you evolve as an even more aligned human being!

This change in perspective turns the whole outlook on its head.


Believe You Are Enough

To break the pattern in our life and to move forward begins with being aware of the thought and behavioural energies in play; we then choose to think a different thought.

I am enough – because I choose to stop judging myself as being less than.

I choose to stop comparing my life to others.

No one needs to earn their reason for existing.  Neither do I.

In choosing to live in the freedom of being enough, I hope to shine a light that encourages my family, friends and co-workers to also believe they are enough.

I choose to appreciate all that I have in this journey of life.

In doing so, I choose to tell a different story.  One that says we are enough just as we are.




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