Accidental wellbeing is situational.

Intentional wellbeing is strategic.

Both have their place.

Accidental wellbeing is experienced when external factors happen to be ‘just so’ without being the result of anything we especially did to make it that way.  You know how it is on days when everything just seems to align and the moments involved are a hit of exactly what we need?  This kind of wellbeing is often spontaneous and provides us with an injection of feeling GOOD!

Intentional wellbeing, on the other hand, is, as you’d expect, a deliberate effort on our part which knows that in order for us to feel balanced, certain elements need to be in the mix of life to one degree or other.

Though the elements are different for all of us,

Intentional wellbeing is all the more powerful when we know what makes us tick, how we feel fulfilled, what our core human needs are and what gives us a sense of achievement.

Without knowing the above, our preferences for addressing our wellbeing are merely extensions of unexamined thought or behavior and may not produce the sustained results we hope for.  So, we do whatever we think will bring us feelings of increased wellness, but then return to feeling just as stressed or overwhelmed as we were, soon afterward.

Intentional Outer and Inner Life Balance

Whilst scheduling time for things to give us moments in life we enjoy or that are good for us addresses our outer life, examining our inner life is where the deeper benefits are felt.

If life feels overly stretched more often than not, maybe you would benefit from less accidental and more intentional wellbeing. Take some time, check-in with yourself today and perhaps consider some of the following thoughts:

  • Does my life resemble what I want it to?
  • (If not) How am I going to feel 6 months or a year from now if I continue to do nothing about it?
  • Even where I’m completely happy with the way life is, are there still some areas I’ve actually been bypassing taking action that I know would make an improvement to life?
  • How much of my time do I spend doing things I love?
  • Am I doing all I can to be in the best physical and mental health?
  • Who do I need to reconnect with more often for no other reason than they make me laugh out loud?
  • What is it about the best days of my life that is missing from the routine days?  Is it a sense of adventure?  Do I need more variety? Am I missing regular connection with others or that special feeling of knowing I am making a difference?
  • What could I do about any of this if I wanted to?

It doesn’t matter what it is that gives us a feeling of wellbeing, be it collecting antiques, extreme sports, writing poetry, our work, music, dancing, or volunteering our time.  What is important is that we pay attention to our inner need for intentional balance, knowing that without it we are more likely to simply default to accidental wellbeing.  Time invested in both is time well spent!


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  1. Well constructed and very much thought provoking; how we need those items in life to cause us to stop and ask even the most simple and basic questions. Love it!

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