As the notion of having a life coach or mentor becomes more commonplace, it’s good to note that although the terms are often used interchangeably, there are differences between the two.  Naturally, there’s overlap and it by no means is an exact science, but the following may help if you are looking to develop yourself personally.


Coaching is mainly results driven with the focus predominantly on performance, hence, on achieving.

Mentoring focuses on the individual, helping them to find their own insight and wisdom.  Mentors adapt to the needs of the mentee.


Coaching is likely to be for a certain period of time – to achieve certain results or goals.

Mentoring tends to be an ongoing process given both mentor and mentee are lifelong learners.


Coaching has, till now, occurred largely in the corporate and sports world.  Businesses often pay for staff coaching in order to yield better returns; athletes hire a coach to help them/their team to help them win.

Historically, mentoring has been something that happened amongst (usually older) peers, who aren’t looking to achieve a certain outcome, but to swap knowledge and invaluable wisdom, hence these meetings are often mutually beneficial and often more informal.


Where we find ourselves today…

Outside of the professional sphere, people seeking help are no longer seen as taking extreme measures.  The idea that anyone can better themselves with a life coach or mentor is increasing in popularity as everyday people like you and I decide to commit to improving ourselves and, therefore, our life.

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