LIFT LIFE: Small Steps Over None is the lighter way to get yourself to do anything! Do you want more energy, quality rest, greater health and better relationships? To have meaningful everyday moments?

If you want to elevate your life and stay UP, Small Steps Over None is the answer to long-term personal success.

Small steps often don’t look or feel impressive, but the compound effect of them is! Do you have things you want to do but stop and start or can’t face starting at all? Lift Life shows you how to achieve sustainable long-term results you perhaps always wanted but never thought possible!

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Note: sample is a truncated selection of Introduction and Chapter 1.

‘Small steps’ works because you choose your steps with full consideration of the season you’re in. If life is upside down, you’re allowed to take things off the table.

In the book

Over 100 pages you will discover:

– How to get yourself to do what you already want to.

– 70 practical examples to LIFT YOUR LIFE using small steps.

– How to let go of your shame hurdles. (Stop feeling bad about things you’re not doing, & just start).

– The mental reframing that makes stopping less dramatic and getting back in the saddle easier.

– My single ‘go-to’ question whenever I feel relationally disturbed.

– The answer to every breakthrough you want.

– Why emotional labeling is a master key for processing ‘all the feels’.

– How ‘The Maui Habit’ lifted me out of a debilitating ‘irreversible’ spiral.

– Why it’s an absolute must to use self-encouragement.

– The Small Steps SUPERPOWER tool: trialing.

– Plant-based meals, conscious consumers, exercise: why you don’t need to go all in!!

– How to show up in your intimate relationship when you’re growing, and they’re not.

– How conscious parenting can transform the parent/child relationship.

– The art of monotasking.

– How to tap into the primary fuels sources of your life.

– Why the small things that you’ve told yourself don’t make a difference, do!

Contents Page

Chapter 1: Small Steps Over None

  • What would it look like if it were easy?
  • Why I talk about health
  • The breakthrough you want

Chapter 2: Just Start

  • Get over what you’re not doing
    Take the first steps
    You don’t need all the gear

Chapter 3: Your Small Is Not Too Small

  • Let the seemingly insignificant be enough
    A very personal example
    The Maui Habit

Chapter 4: Lift Life With Momentum

  • Back to basics
    Making hard things easy
    Discipline over motivation
    Three words you need to hear
    Snakes & ladders: the long game

Chapter 5: Lift Life With Trialing

  • Accountability
    Dip your toes in!
    To meat or not to meat
    Trial it today!

Chapter 6: Lift Life Relationships

  • Your experience of you
    Help, I’m Changing!
    Your experience of others
    Intimate relationships
    Holding up the mirror
    Quality active participation
    Conscious parenting
    How others experience you
    The Maharishi effect

Chapter 7: Lift Life Your State

  • You are a hot air balloon
    Choose to think again
    Small steps to staying up
    Take one step to one emotion higher
    Your primary fuel sources
    Be your own best friend
    Emotional labelling

Chapter 8: Lift Life Home Life

  • Day to day life
    Lagom life
    From routine to ritual
    The coffee ritual
    Doing simple better
    10 ways to lift home life
    Making people moments count

How it works

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Go big or go home?  No, go small or you might not go at all!.