Clients I work with include teachers, lawyers, solopreneurs, parents, health-care professionals, and top-level managers. I help people create movement and positive change in areas of:

  • confidence & self-worth
  • health
  • self-awareness
  • identity
  • relationships
  • conscious leadership
  • reinvention
  • shame and forgiveness

Who gets mentoring?

Clients will usually have already begun delving into personal development, and want further help to get beyond where they keep getting stuck.

Some people want help around a specific issue and so our time together ends when they feel they have the help they need to take themselves forward. Other clients work with me over a period of years and use our sessions to discuss and get help with whatever surfaces for them with sessions a few months apart.

Almost without expectation clients will tell me they have a GREAT life!  Most people don’t decide to get mentoring because life’s so awful they can’t take another day. Usually, they’re mostly happy but have one or two biggies that hold them back from seeing the results, or feeling like they want to.

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No-hype self-improvement

In contrast to what many people may think of as personal development, clients find my mentoring style down-to-earth and jargon-free.

Here in the UK, it’s very much still finding its level. We Brits particularly I think are wary of too much hype and don’t especially want to make such drastic changes that render our lives unrecognisable.

American influences in the coaching world often major on big goals and big life changes, spearheaded by highly-driven achiever-types. I say to clients that there’s NOTHING wrong with that approach, and if the full-on immersive-type coaching floats your boat and you want or need radical change fast, you go get you some!

That said, few of us will get ourselves to do a thing if it’s too much of a leap: “if the gap’s too big, you won’t make the jump!”

I help clients get the results they want by taking small steps they can apply and sustain throughout their lives.

Small steps over none

When they say ‘go-BIG or go home’, I say ‘go small or you won’t go at all’.

A few years ago, along with a photo posted to Instagram, I added the hashtag #SmallStepsOverNone. It became the thing people quoted back to me when we met for the first time. It just seemed to stick and has become a leading principle in all I teach (read the post here). I knew it had traction because of its simplicity.

When we know what we want but can’t see or trust the how (the process), we tend to do nothing and stay stuck in our patterns. Small steps over none works because when you can bear to consider dipping your toe in, you start to break down your mental resistance.

When you can begin to face ‘that thing’ because you know you only have to do a small something it suddenly feels doable.

Key mentoring insights

Often what you and I think holds us back from the life we want, is actually a symptom of an underlying issue.

During sessions, I explore with clients the narratives of their life. Looking at their inner and outer world, we’re able to recognise their patterns of thought, feeling, and behaviour; cause and effect.

There is no singular answer to our problems because we humans are complex creatures. To that end my mentoring insights include:

  • human needs psychology
  • relationships
  • anxiety
  • childhood attachments
  • trauma
  • spirituality
  • habit breaking and making
  • neuro-associative conditioning
  • the ego/soul dynamic.


The Soul Session £125

90-minutes for ‘matters of the heart’. Got an issue you want help moving through and need a one-off guidance session, or a thinking buddy? This is for you.

  • Non-judgemental, safe space help.
  • Follow up email with key takeaways and recommended resources.

Strong Start Plan £210

Suitable for people who have a relatively ‘small’ area they want help with.

  •  3 x 50-minute one-to-one sessions
  • Questionnaire in advance (so we can get straight into the first session)
  • Follow up emails detailing the key points and take-aways + any recommended resource
  • Guide time frame: 1 month

Core Clarity Plan £390

Suitable for larger issues with more layers that take time to unravel.  Allows for the final one or two sessions to be accountability-type sessions if needed.

  • 6 x 50-minute one-to-one sessions
  • Includes everything in the Strong Start Plan + WhatsApp with me as needed
  • Guide time frame: 2 months

Accountability Package £510

For people who want more of an ongoing time frame to create change, or who want to tackle multiple life areas.

  • 8 x 50-minute one-to-one sessions
  • Includes everything in the Strong Start Plan +
  • WhatsApp with me as needed
  • Guide time frame: 2-3 months

The Next Steps in 1,2,3!

If you think mentoring’s the route for you:

1. Book yourself a FREE 30-minute session using the tabs below.  You’re not tied-in to anything so I won’t be on your back afterward!  This gives you the opportunity to tell me what you want help with and to get a feel for how well our communication would flow.

2. Providing we’re both happy to work together, I’ll recommend one of the packages above.  This is based on your specific needs and how many sessions have worked best for others with a similar request.

3. I’ll email you the Agreement of Understanding.  As long as you’re fully committed to the process, we’ll get a date booked in for our first session together.

Sessions are via FaceTime or Skype – a strong wi-fi signal is necessary.  Or face-to-face meetings can be arranged.

Wondering “what’s the difference between coaching and mentoring?” read this post for further insight.