This post is for all of you who have ZERO GOALS for the New Year but do want to do something progressive towards a great year whilst you figure life out.

Not having goals for the year isn’t anything to feel bad about, sometimes we just don’t know where we’re going next, and that’s ok.

Nothing blooms all year round and so if you’re not feeling bloomy but are committed to growing a great life there is one simple practice that can be cultivated in order to allow for life to unfold in alignment with your purpose.

January 2017 I didn’t know what I wanted for the year ahead and yet it became a landmark year.  Whilst everyone else was hailing the hustle, I simply got my head down and went to work on feeding my soul.

Sometimes we measure success by what we do and achieve, other times by who we are and have become.”


Life was good and on a scale of 1-10, had you asked me how content I was, I’d have said about an 8 or 9 across the board.  I had my own business (The Butler),  lots of time to spend with my daughter, very flexible working hours, and sustained personal health and fitness levels and consistent energy.

Though I wasn’t especially looking for a change (because why change what’s good?!) , I knew I wanted to be open to whatever the year had in store and part of me just knew there was more.

My simple belief at the start of the year, was that the success of 2017 would rise or fall on my growth as a person.  That was it.

I began reading in earnest and by the end of January, (four books in) the genie was out the lamp.  I began to wake up inside like never before.  Even though I was already committed to growing a great life, it was as if I’d discovered the other floors the elevator stops at for those who have the access code.

As I allowed myself to be mentored by the authors of the books I read, a few months in I discovered what I believe to be a calling for my life, A Place Within.

The context above is because none of it was the result of a ‘goal’ and I know there will be many particularly this time of year, who find themselves with a big ‘?’ situation happening whilst everyone around them seems to know exactly what they want.  

Far from looking to ‘find my thing’, I simply followed my inner leanings, and allowed for my awakening consciousness to guide me into alignment with what my soul already knew.

Through mentoring others,  I have had the amazing privilege of helping people connect their lives with their inner balance. There is nothing like seeing a life find new wind for its’ sails.”

If you find yourself knowing there’s a ‘next level’ but you are not sure what that looks like yet, over the next three weeks I’ll be sharing what I believe to be the markers for designing a great year.

Week 1. Keys To Designing Personal Success.

Week 2. Breaking In New Habits Before They Break You.

Week 3. The change you know you need to make (but don’t want to).

Goals or not, we can always take steps of positive action.  Here’s to an amazing year in 2018, it’s my privilege to share the journey with you!  





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  2. Great post Olivia.I love a great self help or motivational book and have started to reread secrets of happy people.I look forward to your next posts

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