Daylesford, Gloucestershire

A mini-break in The Cotswolds recently gave me the opportunity to visit a lifestyle destination that has been on my RESTORE hit list for some time now – Daylesford!


Now the photos look so much better larger, so if reading on a mobile device, tilt it 90 degrees to landscape (not portrait), and refresh your screen.  


When writing posts, I usually try to keep in mind the mantra ‘present, don’t persuade’, however, being utterly bowled-over, I may gush.  As my bircher muesli arrived to the table at brunch, I think my sister’s words to my daughter were “look at your Ma, she’s wired isn’t she”?  She’s right, I was; it happens when I get overtaken by an experience.

Daylesford is tranquility itself, yet the energy it drew out of me was a balanced opposite.  The inspiring fusion of authentic luxury and naturistic creativity excited me!


Daylesford is a rare creation.  A sensory masterpiece.  The air dances fragrant from organic candles, natural textures stimulate the fingers and soft ambient lighting seems to exist at just the right intensity.  Inviting hues abound.


Visitors have the opportunity to shop luxury homewares, clothing, food, flowers and gifts, skincare and Bamford spa products, as well as dine in the cafe or restaurants.


For those wanting to linger longer, there’s so much more that happens at Daylesford, which is one of the most sustainable organic farms in the UK.  Garden and floristry workshops, the award-winning Cookery School and the Bamford Haybarn Spa,  can all be booked online, as can the many events available throughout the year.


Perusing the grounds of Daylesford delights the soul.  There is an almost tangible energy emitted by everything you come into contact with, an infectious balance of inspiration and relaxation.  The staff were helpful and hospitable.  I had wondered if ripped denim shorts might not have been the most appropriate attire for such a place, but no one batted an eyelid.

As I wandered through a door into a courtyard to take photos, a male staff member called after me asking if I was okay.  I thought I was in trouble but instead, he recommended a couple of other places in the farm I should go to for pictures.  No intention of hurrying us along, the staff invited us into the Daylesford world warmly.

I tell you that because I think it’s rare.

Places of distinction more often than not come with a caveat of acceptance upon appearance.  Our experience of Daylesford was anything but pretentious.


For expectant diners, there’s a cafe and restaurants to choose from, indoor and out…


Rarely will I get to the bottom of a hot drink and instantly desire another, a cold glass – yes,  but on taking a sip from my perfectly poured cappuccino, the words “this may just be the best coffee I’ve ever tasted” left my lips.  Our food also left us wanting more.



The Daylesford Farm Shop is a visual and culinary display where Foodies can expect a serious hit.  Seasonal, local, organic food, can be purchased to take home and includes a: butcher, fishmonger, grocer, cheese room, bakery, wine shop and more.  Epicures heaven!


Daylesford is absolutely a place we will detour for in future, and I hope you’ve been inspired to visit if ever you’re in the area.

In closing, I will leave you with one of the Daylesford core values which I know is increasingly at the fore of many of our lifestyle choices:

By eating and shopping with a conscience, you are choosing to invest in the long-term health of the planet, animal welfare, the environment, farming communities, and the wellbeing of your family.



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