People are gradually waking up to the idea that we are not our thoughts; there is us, and there are the thoughts we think.  In recent years, I have ‘woken-up’ personally i.e. I have begun to see the world with a different level of conscious awareness.

As a result, I have been able to help myself, and now others, reexamine and replace thought patterns which were ghost-writing the story of life.  


Three principles have been key in this process.  Their effectiveness to bring balance to thoughts, feelings, and behaviour is undeniably beneficial to my well-being and wholeness.  

Life has come off auto-pilot and I am now a conscious co-creator of the daily balance of our family life.

The first principle I’m sharing today: ‘Remove Judgemental Energy’ is the forerunner to the other upcoming principles (covered next time), because in my experience, once you expose judgement as an automatic precursor to your thoughts and feelings, the subsequent actions are much easier.

As you read, please know this is a path I have walked personally and still do.  These posts are NOT a finger-pointing exercise or judgement of myself or others. If any of this resonates with you, then don’t feel judged or judge yourself for it, but simply be aware you are noticing it.


Principle 1: Remove Judgemental Energy

For the purpose of these posts, I am referring to judgement as a thought or internal energy which has the protection of our false sense of self at the core – in short, where the ego is protecting itself.  

For clarity, I’m addressing the perpetual low-level judgements of which we are largely unaware.  I am not referring to circumstances where we judge people or situations to be harmful or unsafe.  Those instances I would refer to as discernment.  

Our journey with judgement begins more-or-less the moment we’re born.  We grow up learning that to meet or exceed others’ standards for our life is to be accepted, ie loved.  For those of us with privileged upbringings, our parents judged, then rewarded or punished our behaviour, the education system judged us on our grades, the other kids judged us and decided whether we got to play with them or not.  In our teens we judged and were judged about, let’s face it – just about everything.  

We learn to listen to the voice of judgement because, in our past, it has signposted acceptance or rejection.

Programmed For Comparison

Consequently, we have been programmed to unconsciously compare ourselves to others at lightning speed, for survival.  Our brains are wired to reach into our past for anything that resembles the current stimuli and consequently to tell us how to think/judge/behave.

At some level of our consciousness, we are always referring to a perception of ‘us and them’, placing ourselves and others in a hierarchical pecking order: ‘above’, ‘below’, or ‘equal to’.  

Though most of us do not need to eliminate the danger our ancestors did, we continue to unknowingly judge and compare.  This creates personal, societal and cultural behaviours and biases that are damaging.


Less Judgement = Less Stress

Removing the energy of judgement from life by paying attention to the thoughts passing through your mind, means you can let go of giving a damn about all the stuff that really doesn’t matter.  An upgrade in thought health means you are able to go about your days not caring about all the little things that normally tick you off.  You live less at your extremes and feel more centered.  You become even more of who you essentially are at your core!

Want to practice self love?  True self love is birthed here, in non-judgement of your self and the effects last far longer than taking a bath or hitting-up a spa every once-in-a-while.

When you take conscious control of your thoughts, you take back control of your life.


Next week I’ll show you how to become aware of the things we judge and what you can do to free up your thoughts from a lifetime of judgement.


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