This post may just cause you to realise that some of those things which forever seem to be just outside your grasp are perfectly within your reach.

If you have no issues making life happen the way you want, you can skip past this post.   However, if there are areas in which you’d like to see progress, then by the time we’re done, you will hopefully have at least entertained the idea that you can, in fact, make life happen as you intend.  It’s so simple, it might be called ‘Cheats Guide To Making Anything Happen’.  Alternatively, it’s SMALL STEPS OVER NONE.

Question: How many times do you do NO-thing because you can’t do ALL of the thing or the conditions in which you told yourself you would do ‘the thing’, don’t present themselves the way you envisaged they would?

Yeah, I’ve done it too.

It’s so easy to look at other people’s lives and assume that what we admire about them must be a personality trait rather than a skill.  The opposite is more often the case.

Successful people know that small progress is better than none!


When we unknowingly avoid a thing, it’s because some part of the anticipated action or experience is meeting resistance within us at the level of the mind.  Whilst it may be the case that we’re subconsciously procrastinating, sometimes we’re simply shooting too high or looking for too many ducks in a row.  The alternative approach is to train our mind to be open to taking small incremental steps.

In order to do that we must be attuned to recognising the stories the mind tells.

Often, the only place that the big deal is a big deal is inside our head.

How do we override the mind?

Once we know that the mind’s main purpose is to help us survive, it’s easy to see that our resistances are simply a subconscious defense response.  We absolutely have the power to control our airwaves and to tune into the channel of possibility, one decision at a time. Small steps over none means that by exposing our self to things in incremental, manageable doses means we can, in fact, get the jump on our subconscious inertia and make anything happen!


30 Ways You Can Take Small Steps Over None Today!

If Time Is An Issue

1. Can’t seem to find the time to develop that new idea?  Can you make a start and create half an hour somewhere in the week?

2. Love reading but never get the chance?  Can you do 5 pages a night; how about 3 x per week?

3. “I so need to de-clutter the house but where to even begin?!”  Can you remove 1 item from the house today? Just 1, and then another tomorrow?

4. “I want to spend time on personal development, but have no time”.  Can you listen to a podcast whilst you’re on the go or read an electronic book if you take public transport?

5. Do you find that inviting people over to the house at the weekend is accompanied by the stress of when on earth you’re going to have time to clean/tidy?  Can you break up the jobs over the days beforehand, either by job or by time?  What could you do on the days prior to the weekend?

6. Is 10 minutes to be still unachievable?  Could you manage 5?

7. If quality time with your loved ones seems more accidental than intentional can you do something about it today? Start with the smallest, most-achievable thing. Schedule in a regular ‘date night’ or one-on-one time with the kids, whatever you know is needed and then keep that time locked-in as a non-negotiable.

We make time for what’s really important.  Get really honest and ask yourself if it’s a time issue or there’s some other resistance you need to get beyond.


Your Wellbeing

8. Is the very idea of this ‘would be nice’? If your diary is full with very-little-to-no FREE time?  What can you cut out, seriously? Does that meeting need to be ‘in person’? Would a video-call do just as well? No one is going to offer you the time back, you have to carve it out for yourself.

9. Life can be really busy and we’re being sold the idea of ‘wellbeing’ just like anything else these days, but if you can, try develop the habit to pause, even for half a second when you’re on the go. Breathe, notice the light, the sound of the rain, a strangers smile. What we look for we really do find more of.

10. Would you like to meet new people but then it never seems to happen?  Can you commit to making time for meetig 1 new person a month?

11. Do you want to be a great friend but making plans seems to fall by the way? Don’t beat yourself up, send a text or a card to say ‘hey I’m thinking about you?’ and you’ll both benefit!

12. Are you always late – then feel bad?  Can you decide to allow 10 more minutes than you usually do?

13 Notifications.  Turn them off.  For everything other than what absolutely matters.  Which is very little.  Take charge of what you allow to possibly grab your attention and see how much ‘less pulled’ you feel.


If You Want To Do Something But Don’t Want To Go ‘All In’

14. “I can’t/don’t want to take a tech break”.  Can you switch off 2 hours before bed, delay switching on till you’re up and dressed in the morning, or even go an evening without?

15. If like me, you’ve decided you could never be a veggie let alone vegan can you opt for one meal a week without meat? 85% of my diet (rather unbelievably) is now vegan, all because I took small steps over none after thinking it would be good to reduce my intake of animal-derived food choices.

16. Have you stopped at recycling when it comes to the planet? Could you actually make other simple swaps at the supermarket say, in favour of sustainability such as your toothbrush, cleaning products or things branded Fairtrade?

17. “My life is so crazy right now, I know I need help but don’t even know where to start so I just keep going’.  Can you begin to get clarity by thinking and writing down what’s really important to you in life? What actually matters and what can you afford to let go?

18. Digital stress:  “I have SO many emails and photo’s I know I need to sort through, they’re not really important but knowing they’re there stresses me out”.  Can you sort through 10 of each per day or set a timer on 20 minutes once or twice a week and blitz them till it’s done?

19. Do you feel bad about how much of a certain food you eat, or how much alcohol you drink?  Can you limit your intake to either nights/per week or volume of, and then STICK TO IT.  You will not necessarily feel better in the moment for having been so ‘GOOD’, but every time you stick to your decision, you are steering clear of extremes by managing the habit, not the other way round.


Diet & Exercise

20. If you never stick to regular exercise, and have given up trying, could you in fact move today? Can you go for a walk?

21. Are you intrigued by the idea of intermittent fasting but have decided there’s no way you could go without food that long.  Could you delay your first meal of the day by 1 hour, then 2 until you have created a 12-16 hour gap between evening and morning meals?

22. Is the ‘8 glasses of water a day’ lost on you but you know you should drink more? Can you down 4 every day, then 5…

23. Haven’t got the time for the half hour app workout you like to do?  How about 10 minutes in the morning, then 20 in the evening?

24. Did you know that 10 reps of 10 different free-weight arm exercises (100 total) takes just 3 minutes to complete? Three 3 MINUTES!  Everyone has 3 minutes – you can have the toned arms and shoulders you want.

25. Sick of the same meals?  Can you add just two new dishes this month to your repertoire?



26. “We just don’t have enough left at the end of the month to save anything”.  Could you put by even 5% of your income?

27. Love to give to charity but don’t have ‘spare’ cash!  How about £10… £5?

28. Are you leaking-out expenses without really realising?  Do you need everything delivering next day with Amazon Prime?  How about payment plans that seemed a good idea at the time and you’ve never gotten round to cancelling?

29. Do you have a regular spend such as a cup of coffee you like to ‘treat’ yourself with?  Is it still a treat or did it actually stop being that a long time ago and now it’s just something you do?  Could you take a small flask instead and use the money elsewhere or save it?

30. Act of kindness don’t need to cost us financially.  What resource have you got that you could share or offer to others? Do what you can with what you’ve got.

And there’s a starter for 30!   What could you be experiencing in life if you were willing to take just small steps?


Keep track of your small steps with THIS FREE TRACKER.

And why not share your suggestions below for how you take Small Steps Over None use #smallstepsovernone on Instagram and I look forward to seeing those creative ideas.


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