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Everything you need to know about my 3 day health boost.

Recently I felt the need for a little bit of a health boost.

Lockdown Aftermath: 5 Ways to Restore Balance

If you’ve taken a significant hit last 12 months, restoring emotional, physical and mental credit to your health balance is important.

How the heck I got myself to take cold showers

What in your life do you wish you could stick to?


15 Mental & Physical Winter Health Practices

Every winter there is a few practices I commit to that set me up to do the season well. They’ve been honed and added to overtime.


Using A Habit Tracker To Make Life Happen

So many people asked for more info about the Habit Tracker I had to do something about it.


Mind Management & Finding Connection During Lockdown

Helping ourselves through tough times is an act of service we don’t always feel like performing…

+ When Tough Months Strike, Make This Quick Check

When Tough Months Strike, Make This Quick Check

Did you have a brutal month?


How Lyndsey Achieved Fabulous At 40

Lyndsey hired me for the mission of achieving greater life balance by the time she was 40.

Learn To Lovingly Call Yourself Out Like This

How do you begin to heal or deal with parts of yourself that tend to live in the shadows…?


Top 20 Instagram Accounts for Personal Growth

I’m often asked to recommend books, podcasts, YouTube accounts and of course, social.

+ This Amazing Lady Gained Confidence, Lost 5 Stone & Changed Her Life

How Nicola Gained Confidence, Lost 5 Stone & Changed Her Life

When Nicola got in touch asking for help she was desperate to gain control of her life.  Over 18 stone, she wanted to lose the weight she’d lived with for years. She’d tried all the diets and the personal trainer, but couldn’t keep from returning to negative patterns. Though happy with her life, she felt ashamed of her appearance and fearful of what others thought. Nicola knew it … Read More How Nicola Gained Confidence, Lost 5 Stone & Changed Her Life

Are Your Beliefs Holding You Back?

You may know what you want. You may know how to get it.

Step out of shame about your health rut

The stories we tell ourselves about the way things are can be our jailor.