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+ social media holiday

Do you need a social media holiday?

December 2020 I decided to take a month off social in the new year, no posting, no checking, no apps. A month became almost 6 weeks.


Top 12 Podcasts For Personal​ Development & Tips For Listening.

Will listening to personal development podcasts improve your wellbeing? 


Top 20 Instagram Accounts for Personal Growth

I’m often asked to recommend books, podcasts, YouTube accounts and of course, social.


Are You Always Sorry?

By the time you read this post today, you may well have apologised for something you didn’t need to; you almost certainly will have had unwarranted apologies from others.

+ Principles For Upgrading Your Thought Health: Part 2

Principles For Upgrading Your Thought Health: Pt 2

Are you unconsciously experiencing a continual energy drain due to a rogue thought life?  Passing judgement of any kind is a transfer of energy that we only have so much of on any given day.  


Balancing Self Worth & Social Media

Our self worth is never determined by others; we are not enough when they validate us or tell us how good they think we are.  We are always enough.


The desire for authentic connection. What we’ve lost in Instagram

Over recent weeks, I have seen many an Instagram post of someone weighing up their purpose for using the platform.  ‘It’s just not the same!’ seems to be the common thread. And they’re right.  It’s not.