If you’re happy with the balance of your life then this post is probably not for you;

however, if you have felt the desire to feel less stressed and the pull to address the balance of your days, then IT IS FOR YOU.

In order to balance our lives, we must first balance ourselves as individuals.  Making change to the world around us, but unintentionally remaining off-balance inside means we are always going to remain feeling unfulfilled.

Life feels unbalanced when extremes that should have only been part-time, are permanent.

The good news is that though it may feel like it, rarely is it ALL of life that’s out of kilter; more usually, it’s just one or two areas that we need to give attention to where there are the extremes of not enough or too much at play.  

The key players for most of us are :

  • Love / Relationships
  • Work / Business
  • Health / Wellbeing
  • Finances
  • Lifestyle / Connections
  • Spirit / Soul

Our unique composition (the way we are wired), means we each have differing needs and desires for the six key areas in our life.  You will likely already recognise that what balances you, may cause an imbalance to your friend.


Understanding your balance mindset
Two vital questions to ask ourselves in getting to the root cause of why we feel imbalanced are:

1. What are the driving forces behind what I do in my everyday life?

2. Where does my worldview on what life should be like in this particular area, come from?

Both serve to answer the question “why do I do the things I repeatedly do?”

All life practices we habitually return to, be they positive, neutral or negative, meet a need for us in one way or another.  We wouldn’t do them otherwise.

A quick note about Human Needs

Our need's don't make us needy.  Human needs aren't anything to feel shameful about; everyone on the planet has them.  It could be that we enjoy what is causing us the imbalance, or we feel rewarded by it, feel a certain significance, or valued.

Needs are part of being human so we shouldn't judge ourselves (helpful post on judgement here), however if we are looking to bring balance, then once we know what the need is being met, we can explore alternative ways to meet it.


Your personal blend of balance
In beginning to give honest thought to some of the above, determining balance for you today might mean considering questions like:
  • Are there any obvious areas in which I feel life is unbalanced?
  • Where does the idea of what I think life should look and feel like in that area come from?
  • If I’ve known of an imbalance for a while, what might be the reason I have not taken action to address it yet?
  • Am I unknowingly trying to meet a need in allowing life to remain like this, trying to hold on to something?
  • What will happen if I do nothing?
  • What would it actually take for me to feel more balanced today?

    Inside-out balance requires us to be attuned to, and honest about our core needs, intentions, and feelings.

    Eventually, there comes a point at which we’ve talked so much about the thing that’s not working for us, that we decide to change it.  If that’s you, I hope you can create the balance you desire, and if you want to take action to align your life this year, you know where to find me. 

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