It’s what makes the best novels great, the most captivating movies sell-out, the scenario in which the main character must pay the unthinkable cost for what they most desire.

You lean in, hoping they don’t choose the option that means if the same were true for you in your current situation you’d be screwed.

This storytelling doesn’t stop on our screens.  Have you noticed there seems to be a higher-order which indicates it’s also true in reality?
The cost of what you want the most, is that which you are least willing to give up.
You can want a thing with every ounce of your soul, every fiber of your being, but if your underlying programming perceives the cost of attaining or achieving that thing as too great, you will not be able to bring yourself to the point of effecting the change necessary in order to see it materialise.
Desire, will, and intention are never enough by themselves to create movement towards an outcome whilst ever there is a stronger force or holding pattern acting on your life.
If you are aware enough to know the underlying programming exists which is creating the blockage, you have three options:

1) To ignore it, stay as you are, hoping something simply works out or evolves naturally.  It’s usually the easiest, but the issue will present itself again as needing to be resolved, everything is cyclical and that energy will come back around soon enough.

This holding pattern can last for years which we can be either aware or unaware of.  Once you become aware though, you know to expect it.  It’s not going to go away.

What we most want and what we are least willing to give up are often two sides of the same coin.  That which we are least willing to give up, often IS the thing we want the most.

2) Choose to accept the perceived cost as being too great (and it may well be), in which case the only way to move forward is to accept it and let go of what it was you sought.  Whatever the dream, you have to make peace with letting it go.

3)  Alternatively, whilst aware of the underlying blockage that stands between you and your goal, you decide it is worth the cost.  Willingness to accept and face the fear the blockage has had in your life is an immense act of courage.  You are then in a place to do the work needed to progress through it, and then, only then, will that goal/vision/dream come to pass.

Either way is work.  Either way is uncomfortable and only you can pay the cost. 

No one else can pick up the tab for what is ours to pay.

The stories that have us absolutely fixated are those where we want to know if our characters had the courage to follow their hearts.

All three paths here require courage, one is not right and the others wrong.  Accepting our humanity and giving ourselves a grace that allows for our apparent mistakes or wrong-turns, is one we owe to ourselves, no matter how long the process may take.



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  1. Loved this post. Really made me think about the complexity of choice & how our subconscious is telling us us so much more than we realise sometimes x

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