Managing the balance of work and play during Summer can be tricky.

I know from experience there are many things that can blur the lines of feeling ON FORM.

If the first few weeks of holidays have come with a feeling of missing something you’re not alone!

After about 10 days away from our usual routine, I felt slightly off-kilter.

It was only when I’d had some time to read and study over the period of a couple of days that I realised “Ahhh… that’s what was missing!”

It may sound odd to you but personal growth is key to my life for two reasons. It gives me a sense of feeling empowered because it is a strength silo to my life (watch a short IGTV on Strength Silos here).  And second, it’s important because it means I can give back to those I mentor, here on the blog and social platforms. To be able to share with others in this way matters to me!  You’ll have your equivalent I’m sure.  We each need to have certain things in the mix of life that are unique to us.

After a few hours immersed in reading, I quite noticeably felt like I was growing again, which felt amazing.  That’s all it took.

What is it for you?  What do you need to have in the mix for life to flow better this Summer?  How do you choose what to invest your precious time in?  Here’s a couple of pointers:

Prioritise what’s right for this season

Ask yourself what really matters.

– Is it important you spend as much time as you can with friends or a family member who’s moving away in a few weeks?

– Is it important you focus on a new idea you want to make happen by the end of the year? Summer may need to take a back seat if so?

– Is it important that this is the year you spend more time with the kids? You may have realised you worked too much the past few Summers and they’re growing up fast…

Whatever it is, settle that you cannot do it all. Allow yourself the time to commit what matters over the next month knowing you can reassess in a few weeks time.

Make your Summer serve you!

Finally, one thing that will help you get back to it once the holidays days are over:

T H A T   S E R V E   Y O U.

Sometimes relaxing our efforts may seem a good idea but in reality, are too disruptive. Amazing as the good times are, you’ll enjoy them more and with less of a dip afterwards, if you feel in control.

Recalibrate your parameters and see HOW MUCH BETTER YOU FEEL for the sense of empowerment that brings.

Watch this video for further tips on taking control of your Summer, and whatever you have planned to do, make it count!


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