Gone are the days when personal development was the reserve of business people, sports personalities or those with ‘problems’; ANYONE wanting to take their life to the next level can do so.

The World We Live In

Times are rapidly changing and our commitment to not only adapt well but to grow, to thrive, and to evolve as the highest version of ourselves is the singular most important contribution we can make.  Investing in our personal growth, in understanding the dynamics of the human condition, (mind, body, soul, spirit) and the capacity we have to overcome ANYTHING life hands us in order to grow is the answer to the changing the world.

As The Balance Mentor I encourage others find their personal life balance from within because I believe that the degree to which we are balanced inside, is the degree to which our lives feel balanced on the outside. 

Conscious Living

Whether we’re aware of it or not, we all make a daily impact on the lives of those around us.  I believe that the decision to be a conscious leader of our own life and to take the responsibilty for the ripples of our footprint as a human being is increasingly going to lead the way in every area of life.

Understanding the forces that shape our decisions, and why we have certain behaviors we lean towards, gives us the necessary tools to both navigate life easier as well as to effect the changes vital for our growth and evolution.


Life Mentoring with me

People often ask “what’s the difference between coaching and mentoring?”.  Whilst they have many similarities and are often used interchangeably, the focus of each is notably different (read this post).

My approach to mentoring draws on the strengths of identifying key human needs and the benefit of working towards goals whilst leading from within.

Clients can expect to discover for themselves:

  • Their dominant human needs and how this shapes their lives.
  • What drives them and why.
  • How to identify and address specific patterns of thought, feeling, and behaviour which have previously created barriers to progress.
  • How their personal composition affects every decision and what they can do to use this in a positive way.
  • That they can absolutely create the lasting change in their life they desire.
The Investment

Life Mentor sessions are charged at £60 per 50 minutes via FaceTime or Skype (a strong wi-fi signal is necessary.)  Alternatively, face-to-face meetings can be arranged.

Anyone booking their first two sessions together receives an introductory discount, paying just £100.  


Ask about mentoring or how to redeem your complimentary 15-minute session by filling in the tabs below.