Click-baiting I am not, but the books listed here have the potential to change your life.  Fact.

Profoundly positive impacts on our lives are worth talking about.  Without a doubt, the difference between the woman who writes these words today and the person I was ten, (even five) years ago, is a result of the private counsel and wisdom heeded from the books I’ve read quietly in the shadows.

Though my reading habit began when I sought to self-help amidst much life pain several years ago, many of the books I now read are part of a consistent and deliberate practice to upgrade my thought life and for the purpose of better understanding others.

Should you be familiar with previous posts here, you might expect that many of these are a deep-dive.  Books I gravitate towards are not usually light, fanciful reading, quite frankly because I’m committed to helping people who genuinely want change, not those who after for a fridge-magnet hit.


If you are looking for fictional reads, then this post isn’t what you’re looking for, however; if you’re on the scout for books for the purpose of personal growth, I’m certain you’ll find at least one.  Happy Reading!


Understanding Yourself Better

⇒I Am Enough: Marisa Peer.  When we know we are enough, everything changes! Small book, big wisdom in bite-sized chunks that I now recommend to clients on a journey of self-discovery.  (Don’t let the cover put you off!)

⇒The Wisdom Of The Enneagram: Riso & Hudson.  If anything was a ‘wow’ discovery for me in 2018, it was The Enneagram.  I’ve always found personality typing slightly non-conclusive because rarely am I one, clear-cut type!  The Enneagram was a mic-drop revelation.  Absolutely fascinating to read and see traits of yourself surface that you didn’t even know were ‘a thing’ detailed with startling accuracy.  This book is in-depth, start with the book below for an introduction.

⇒The Road Back To You:  Cron & Stabile.  Also a book on The Enneagram, I read this one first and would recommend an introductory read, very well-written and easy to understand.


Soulful Reads

How to do these books justice in a few words!  If all the books I possess were to be taken from me, but I got to keep five for the rest of my life, these would make the cut.  Wisdom to last a lifetime I have returned to over and over.

⇒The Untethered Soul: Michael A Singer.  Who are you? No, who are you really?  Our identity isn’t the roles we play but is found in our conscious.  Though this book takes you deep, it is written in a light and relatable way.  This was THE book that kick-started my journey of self-discovery, many years ago and changed the way I see the world for good.

⇒The Seat Of The Soul: Gary Zukav.  Have you ever said, “part of me feels this, but part of me feels that”?  This book lifts the lid on the two dynamics that make up who we are, the personality (our senses and physical body) and the one in that physical being, the soul.  No book has ever described to me my inner wiring the way this book did.

⇒The Power of Now, and A New Earth: Eckhart Tolle.  Understand conscious living and connection to lasting inner peace, these books are spiritual insight at its best.



⇒Attached: Amir Levine & Rachel Heller. We navigate our close relationships according to our attachment style. Different people activate different attachment styles in us, which is why some relationships bring out the best in us and others, the worse!

⇒The Conscious Parent: Dr. Shefali Tsabury.  How can we properly connect with our children until we have connected to our self?  Our kids are not ours to control or shape into what we want them to be but are lives we have the privilege to nurture whilst allowing them to evolve according to how they are intrinsically wired.  More so, the things they teach us about ourselves will always be lessons only they can.

⇒The Mask of Masculinity: Lewis Howes.  In a bid for deeper connection with the men in our lives and a greater understanding of mental and emotional health, the awareness of the masks they wear is vital.  Masks are a response to the world as a result of our upbringing and life situations faced during formative years.  Yes, women have their masks too but here Lewis Howes unpacks the masculine.




⇒This Is Marketing: Seth Godin.  Never did I think I’d ever be recommending a marketing book but have found this latest book by Seth Godin so helpful in honing skills I did not learn in school nor think I’d ever need to develop.  In an age where more of us than ever have our own businesses or side-hustles, it’s absolute gold for any to whom this applies.

⇒Brand Brilliance: Fiona Humberstone.  How we present our self, determines who looks in our direction way.  Font’s colours and the language we use, is always communicating on our behalf. Personally used this book (and Fiona’s other book How To Style Your Brand) as insight to design almost everything here at A Place Within.


Improve Your Reading Game


  • Differentiate between light reads and deep dives.  Finding a flow with a book is as much about our state whilst reading, as it is about the way it’s written.  You may want a book you can dip in and out of (Tribe of Mentors), but if the book is a deep-dive, and requires you to be in a receptive headspace that you’re not feeling that particular day, you’re likely going to feel turned off by it.  (Which is why my next point works…)
  • Having a few books on the go can be an unthinkable task for some, however, it allows you to tailor your reading to your given state that day.  Few of us eat the same meal every night of the week, so unless you’re hooked on your read, and want to finish it cover to cover with no distractions, a variety of books on-the-go, is a good idea.
  • If it’s not really doing it for you… and you keep picking it up, trying to make yourself read it, but cannot get into it, shelve it for later (or pass it on if you know it’s an absolute no-go) and find one that you look forward to picking up.
  • Finally, be mindful of where you’re at.  Our interpretation of a book is such based on our life’s’ narrative at the time.  This is why we can read the same book twice and new truths surface the second-time around.

Would appreciate your recommends. What are your GOLD STAR reads?  Leave a comment below!



Mentioned in this post:

I Am Enough: Marissa Peer

The Road Back To You:  Cron & Stabile

The Wisdom Of The Enneagram: Riso & Hudson

The Untethered Soul: Michael A Singer

The Seat Of The Soul: Gary Zukav

The Power of Now: Eckhart Tolle

A New Earth: Eckhart Tolle

Attached: Amir Levine & Rachel Heller

The Conscious Parent: Dr. Shefali Tsabury

The Mask of Masculinity: Lewis Howes

This Is Marketing: Seth Godin

Brand Brilliance: Fiona Humberstone

How To Style Your Brand: Fiona Humberstone

Tribe of Mentors: Tim Ferriss

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