I’m often asked to recommend books, podcasts, YouTube accounts and of course, social.

My clients who make the most significant change, are those who maintain MOMENTUM between mentor sessions.  They understand that what they give their time and attention to, is crucial to their success.
Whatever mission you’re on, resourcing yourself with the right tools makes all the difference to your success.

Instagram happens to be where new clients often say they found me. It’s also where I connect most frequently with followers.  We all know how much time passes on social, so if you’re gonna scroll I say you may as well make it count.

If you’re looking for content worth clicking on, I hope this post serves you well.  My main criteria are that in my humble opinion, they deliver the VALUE FOR ATTENTION.

Please use the headings as a rough guide, I’ve simply tried to create easy categories.  Naturally there’s a lot of crossover as what addresses one area, also affects another.

Nutrition & Health

Dr Mark Hyman: @drmarkhyman

Dr Rangan Chatterjee: @drchatterjee

Top-Level Personal Growth in all areas

Gary Vaynerchuk: @garyvee.

Marie Forleo: @marieforleo

Mel Robbins: @melrobbins

Mindvalley: @mindvalley

Rachel Hollis: @msrachelhollis

Tom Bilyeu: @TomBilyeu

Psychology, Spirit & Soul

Dr Nicole Lepera: @the.holistic.psychologist

Lisa Olivera: @lisaoliveratherapy

Russell Brand: @russellbrand

Mind & Brain

Chloe Brotheridge: @chloebrotheridge

Dr. Joe Dispenza: @drjoedispenza

Jim Kwik: @jimkwik

Marissa Peer: @marissapeertherapy

Inspiring Thinkers & Quotes

Brianna Weist: @briannaweist

Minaa B: @minaa_b

Neil Strauss: @neil_strauss

The Female Hustlers: @thefemalehustlers

Yung Pueblo: @yung_pueblo

That’s it for now, hope there are some here you enjoy.  I think it’s key to add that many have there very own distinct styles.   Some will outright not be for you, and then others you may find will grown on you if you can get past their human quirks and see their truth for what it is.  There’s quite a few I initially judged as being too much in some way … but that’s often how it is and we simply need to get over ourselves ;).

Do leave a comment below, who are your favourites on Instagram right now?  Here’s to a great year!



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