Will listening to personal development podcasts improve your wellbeing? 

Absolutely it can!

THE most significant changes in my life began to take place when I started reading books and listening to podcasts. Though action is ALSO required to create lasting effects, time and again I have been able to change my state (how I feel on any given day), by being willing to think a new thought.

The wealth of wisdom available to us FOR FREE, at the tap of an app, is phenomenal.

The great benefit of podcasts is they can be listened to while doing something else. If you’re exercising or driving you don’t need to find additional time!  I listen when I’m out running.  Though I sometimes prefer to not have anything in my ears, I maximise my time when I do!



Top Podcasts for personal growth.

In rough order of what I’m most tuned-in to these days, the podcasts that have my attention are:

⇒ Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu.  I like Toms no-messing around interview style.  He gets directly to it with world-class guests, always so many take-aways.  Packs a punch.

⇒ Broken Brain Podcast with Dhru Purohit.  New to my library this year.  If you enjoy neuroplasticity, epigenetics, biohacking, or simply enhancing life by taking care of your body, you’ll enjoy it.  A hot listen for me right now.

Tony Robbins Podcast:  Insight on personal, business, financial, relational.  Every kind of growth you can imagine doesn’t come much better than from this world thought leader.

Kwik Brain with Jim Kwik.  Brain coach to the stars, if you want to know how to improve or maximise that space between your ears, this is the man.  Podcasts tend to be around 20 minutes if you’ve only got a short listening window.

⇒ The Marie Forleo Podcast.  Having benefitted from Maries’ phenomenal life and business wisdom in courses and books I downloaded for a female voice to dip into now and then.  Her playful American style isn’t for everyone but don’t dismiss at first listen, she’s a force for good this world needs more of.

⇒ Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations.  Oprah is my mentor (she just doesn’t know it).  Some people are guides to our life and this great lady has been that to mine for many years.  We all have leanings we’re drawn to. If you’re spiritually curious and enjoy discovering the value of aligning your life and soul, Oprah all the way.

The Mindvalley Podcast with Vishen Lakhiani.  Mindvalley is the leading personal growth education company in the world.  Episodes are always alternative and delve into avenues of insight that the mainstream tends to ignore or avoid.

RISE Podcast with Rachel Hollis.   I’ve got to be in the right state for listening to this one 😉  Very driven, very much an achiever/ make-it-happen/bootcamp approach.  Rachel generously shares her time-tested tools and strategies with listeners along with her husband Dave.   She is extremely successful at what she does and is a woman who walks the walk. When you know her backstory, you can appreciate her passion!

⇒ Under The Skin with Russell Brand. The first UK podcast I subscribed to.  The enlightened Russel Brand is a welcomed British voice and his use of language is something else!  I’ve only listened to a few episodes and found them insightful, but really have to lean in. Conversations with guests are often deep dives.

⇒ The School of Greatness with Lewis Howes. Lewis’s relaxed interview style is easy to listen to. He hosts a good mix of male and female guests who lead the field in their area.  In addition to regular episodes, ‘5-minute Friday’s’ are a thoughtful mini-hit at the onset of the weekend if all you have is 5 minutes.

⇒ The Tim Ferriss Show. The master of long-form interviews, witty, conceptual; this man’s mind blows mine.  Ferris delivers Q&A as a seriously consummate art form.  His choice of words, interview style, and guest interaction is inspiring.


Tips for Listening

If you’re just getting into podcasts the following may be useful:

  • Allow for seasonal voices.  People can have the right wisdom for you at one point in time, and then you’ll find you ‘go off’ them.  Some I’ve mentioned above I used to listen to a lot a few years ago and not so much now.   That’s okay, there’s plenty to go at, it’s a good thing to pick and choose according to where you’re at.
  • Get past the ads. Podcasts with a large following often use the platform to generate income with sponsored ads.  At first this may seem annoying, but when you consider you get world-class content for free it’s a small price to pay #perspective.  When I first started listening, the adverts drove me crazy; it’s just something you’ve got to get past.  Fast forward, or phase out the sell and you’ll do okay.
  • Download at home. I can’t speak for android but podcast settings on iPhone allow you to toggle a button so podcasts will only download over Wi-Fi.  This saves episodes to your device that you can then listen to whilst out without using mobile data.
  • If you want to take notes… it can be tricky on the move, but using a note-taking app helps.  I frequently pause podcasts to dictate to Evernote. Seeing learned information help us remember it better. The action of writing and recollection, helps us encode it further in our psyche.  Where a podcast contains too many gold nuggets (oh the joy), I will re-listen at home with pen and paper, no other distractions.
  • Follow up the recommendations. As with TV chat show’s, podcast guests will often have something new they’re bringing to the world.  I’ve lost count of the number of books I’ve purchased on the back of listening to an episode I wouldn’t have come across otherwise.  Worth it for when an episode leaves you wanting more!  Guest social media accounts are also worth checking out.

Would love to know what you’re listening to – pop your recommendations in the comment section below!


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