So many people asked for more info about the Habit Tracker I had to do something about it.

If we’re connected on Instagram, you may have seen my posts about the sheet I use to make life happen.

Throughout the pandemic, I received most DM’s about…. yep, the tracker.  People wanted to know how they should use it and specifically what for.  I also had quite a few mails along the lines of:

Oh my word, I’ve started using the habit tracker and it’s changed my life!”

It’s made me smile because I invented for myself over ten years ago purely as a way of not forgetting what I’d done in a week.  Back then I wanted to walk regularly and stretch.

Since then, the way I use it has evolved.  It’s gone from being a way to log what I’ve done, to being a prompt for what I want to do!

Visible on the kitchen cupboard doors, I can’t avoid seeing it throughout the day.  As a result, I take steps every day towards the umbrella goals of how I want life to look and feel. I also use it to tackle less exciting things like cleaning, keeping my inbox small, and deleting the ever-increasing amount of digital pics!

During COVID19, the sheet took on a different emphasis.

It became a means by which I focused on what I could control, rather than all the external circumstances I couldn’t.

Away from home as lockdown began, week one I drafted up a sheet with a pencil and ruler.  I didn’t realise just how much of a stabiliser it would be in the weeks following.

My 13 year old asked for one

Though my daughter’s seen me ticking off things on a tracker for most of her life, something must’ve clicked on that first Monday morning as she said “I’d like to do one of those”.

Outside of remote-learning school hours, it’s given her structure.  She’s got into fitness in a way she’s not been interested before and took it on herself to get through her list each day with zero chivvying-along from me.

She does her thing, I do mine, but where we have similar activities like planking or wall-sits, we compete from time to time.   Side-by-side on the cupboard, our sheets are a simple reminder of small actions we can take if we want to.  

I know this is SO SIMPLE, but I’ve learned from my clients: simplicity sticks.

Personally it’s made the past few months happen in a new way (I go into more detail in the guide).
Being and Doing

There are times for kicking back and allowing for life to simply unfold.  I’m ALL for those holidays or weekends days; people who can’t switch off or relax?  Not me, I do it almost too well 😉  BUT, for the most part

I believe we function best when there are clear parameters to life and a degree of structure inside which we flourish.

The tracker is that and so I’ve created a guide giving you everything you need.
Download a copy for free below and let me know how you go!



If you’re on Instagram…

I’ve featured the tracker in stories and made some videos about it there you can find in highlights (at the top) under C19 24 Hours and C19Resource.


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