365 days is a long time to wait for the opportunity to reassess or recommit to what we want for our lives…it’s a long time to wait for anything!

And yet how many times do the best-laid plans tumbleweed along into December because it wasn’t the cultural norm to really address them again until then?

Let’s say we’re on this planet for 80 years, and then let’s write off the first few because well, because we’re all caught up in being youthful; so we have from 16 (I’m giving the younger version of myself the benefit of the doubt), to 80, to evaluate and redefine our life’s course.  That’s not a lot of do-overs.

Now imagine that instead of using the turn of the year to set out our stall for the remaining 364 days (let’s just forget the leap years in all this), that we used the turn of the month to set out our stall for the next 30 days (and the 28/31 day months).

How much more likely would we be to make life happen in the way we aspire?  What new things might we be willing to try or make time for because we didn’t have to commit for so long?

The truth is that once we reduce the time in which we have to make a thing happen, we become far more deliberate about getting stuck-in sooner rather than later, because we haven’t got later!


What if every month-end became a mini New Year?

By portioning our year into twelve, the return for our actions and achievements happens faster, we more readily see personal growth (because we’re assessing the situation much sooner), which in turn, creates a momentum that sets us up for the next month ahead allowing us to course correct where needed.

This kind of frequent accountability with yourself is not for everyone, nor is it for every season of life.  Historically, I know I have been far more inclined to letting life unfold as it happens, however for those who want it, here’s how to in three:

  1. Write down what you are going for and get specific.
  2. Track your progress weekly.  THIS IS IMPORTANT. Sooo important. If you don’t track it you have no record.  If you have no record then you’ll usually embellish the reality.  The reason for a weekly tracker is that it strengthens the process by reducing the time frame you have to follow through on your actions into 7-day slots.
  3. Month-end check in with yourself.  Take the time to reflect.  Just as some people mark the cycles of the moon, setting aside time to mark not just the progress of our months, but to be thankful for life, is a worthwhile practice to involve in.  If you want to celebrate it, go all out and have a New Month Eve!

Simple as some of the ideas here may seem, we cannot dismiss the positive gains that intentional practices have on the balance of our lives.  We owe it to ourselves and those we do life with, to commit to living a life on purpose!



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