Did you have a brutal month?

It felt that way for me too. Circumstantially, mentally, psychologically, emotionally, it was one I’d rather not repeat.  February was a month I used the words, ‘being alive hurts’.  And yet it ALSO held some beautiful ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ moments.

Nearing the end of the month and after a surprisingly buoyant last week, I weighed the polarities of February in my soul.

When we face circumstances that cause a perceived or actual threat to us, it can catapult us into survival mode. The rational mind can struggle to stay at the helm. The primitive brain takes over in an attempt to protect us.

Knowing this as I went through the month, meant it was understandable to my rational brain why I felt the way I did.

Had I not paused to do a simple exercise I’ve often encouraged others to do (oh the irony), I may not have entered March as I am. With a little more perspective and ready to go again.


Taking time to scroll through my camera roll, look at messages and my diary, I realised there’d been some great successes and a lot to feel pleased about.

In my businesses, relationships, and health, there’d been some significant efforts and wins.  YET, I’d almost overlooked the successes because of the struggles.

I made a point to write them all out on paper.  To register them with my self.

Why does it matter that we pause to add balance to how we narrate our days?  Because we need our small steps to be steps UP, and steps FORWARD!


Check in with the facts

Hardship can be engulfing.  We’re problem-solving beings. It’s natural for what causes us the most discomfort to overshadow the rest of life.

So, as you finish up the week, month, or season, don’t make the same mistake I nearly did. Don’t skip over your achievements, the wins or the beauty of this human experience.

REMIND YOURSELF of your efforts and use them as positive reinforcement.  Use them to not just crawl into the next week ‘same-old, same-old’, but to build yourself UP into what’s ahead.

Remind your ancient brain that everything is not ALL BAD, it’s just one or two areas that suck right now.  There’s also a lot happening that’s good and a lot you’re doing right.