I’ve been balancing my life these past few months by intentionally doing more. Who even says that?

Undoubtedly, there is a shift taking place with the pendulum slowly making it’s way from Camp Hustle and Camp Achievement, over to Camps Self-love, Slow-living, and Mindful (to name a few),  however, some of us are making the journey in a different direction.

Having spent a lot of time in the latter camps, I am now consciously engaging in being mindfully busier and am feeling more energetically balanced in the process.
The Back-Story

Since launching A Place Within just over a year ago, I have been deliberate to communicate that balance is not just about doing less or achieving greater calm in our lives. It is about understanding our individual makeup as a person (personal composition), and using that knowledge to be intentional about the component parts of our daily life.

For many years, my life had resembled a lot of ‘making it through’ and surviving storms on the home front. As you might expect, the hustle or ‘dreaming big’ simply weren’t on the radar nor did I particularly care for either.  Providing for my family via my own business, and maintaining my habits of fitness and reading, for the purpose of getting a better handle on life, was enough.

What can happen in any season of disruption in our lives, is that we adapt and get good at surviving.

In doing so, we can unknowingly create new modes of being that we feel serve us.

My life had begun to feel very calm and quiet and it suited the somewhat hermit side of my personality.  After the pain of separation, loneliness and starting over in a world I didn’t recognise owing to the fact that all my sense of self, certainty, and belonging had vanished, after several years I finally felt the most whole I had ever been in my entire life.


Interrupting Myself

Being fully aware that the calm and balance I was living with, many say they only dream of, I half bought into my story that this was a good place to be, and in so many ways, it was!  A Place Within’ came from that place.

When we tell ourselves a story about how good life is now, if we’re not careful, we can end up settling because it represents something we fought hard for, as well as a safety.

A few months ago, I came across a series of posts in my media feeds about the stories we tell our selves and the stories we keep returning to over and over.  I knew that I had a story about my approach to my business; I’ve just never been the driven type!  I’ve always experienced a disconnect between the service I offer, and a drive to let the world know about it.

I decided to pay attention to the multiple posts saying strikingly similar things because I also knew that life was absent of an energy that the purpose of new goals would bring!

For a long time I’d wanted to reach even more people as The Balance Mentor but

How do you generate an energy for something if it’s just not there in you organically?

I decided that in order for by business to grow, I would entertain the thought ‘what if’.

~ What if it were possible to improve the way I present myself to others rather than shrugging off doing it at all because “I don’t like selling myself”.

~ What if  I started being more open to saying ‘yes’ to things that I’ve been saying ‘no’ to because I couldn’t see any perceived benefit or purpose in them.

~ What if I can improve my brain-to-voice neuro connections to bring them up to my brain-to-written skills.

~ What if I stopped letting my blog posts and newsletter go unwritten because I’ve had a busy week and ‘it’s not actually work for a client, plus I’m not feeling any new insight this week’ (oh the excuses our ego’s find to make us feel better about our choices).

~ What if I actually allow myself to go to bed half an hour later in order to be able to facilitate some of the above?!

What if my cells, which are always listening, even when I don’t think I’m giving them any particular directive, start listening-in to the possibility of change?!


Intentions were set, changes made, consistency maintained (just) and with those things,  has come a passion, confidence, and fulfillment from doing not just more, but more of the stuff I believe I’m meant to be doing on a whole other level.

Wherever this finds you, don’t judge yourself for your journey.  Sometimes it can take a looooong time for the dust to settle and for us to emerge in what feels like a new season.  

Allow yourself the process.


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