When was the last time you over ate…drank…worked…spent…socialised…committed?

If it was a pleasurable experience, I’m guessing it hit the spot at the time but then you probably felt the imbalance and course-corrected by taking on the opposite extreme (till next time) therein, addressing the balance.


However, where an extreme is not so much of a pleasurable experience, as could be the case with work or other commitments, our balance seeking has a different feel to it and can be harder to implement.

Moving between extremes is a completely natural part of life; it’s what makes us feel alive!  Let’s face it; when life looks too routine, we want a bit of action. Too much social and we want alone. Too busy and we yearn for calm. Too much indulgence, we crave simplicity and when we eat too healthily for too long, after a while we can’t help but want that junk!

The reason I’m such a balance advocate is because I believe it holds the keys to our contentment and happiness, well-being and wholeness.  Ergo, an imbalance is at the root of all our unhappiness, anxiety and stress.  Unhappiness in any area of life can be traced to an imbalance at the core. 

Newton’s third law of motion (stay with me) states that every action has an equal and opposite reaction.  My law of balance (I’m laughing) is:

The degree to which there is imbalance in our life is the same degree to which it requires rebalancing.

Returning to our norm after a period of time away from it is the key here (sometimes we need to address our norms, read The Change We Procrastinate About here if so), but sometimes, for whatever reason, we don’t or can’t.

Where there is a pattern of excessive yo-yo-ing between extremes, a given action or behaviour has remained imbalanced for too long and become a habit-bond we never intended to make.  We try to rebalance it, but find the effort too great and then stick with what we know, which is the very thing we’re trying to move away from.  We are trapped in a vicious cycle.

We are only as unbalanced as our unmet needs for balance!
Finding the middle.

In a busy life, where many of us live putting other’s need first, we underestimate just how much pressure and stress we can take.  We get good at adapting and are more than capable of living with an imbalance which gradually and often imperceptibly affects our health and wellbeing.


Though our reasons for doing so are often meeting a very valid need such as providing for or raising our family or striving to become the best at what we do or staying ahead in our fast-moving times, they often are not serving the bigger picture which needs us well.

We tend to not respond to issues in life until they are out of control and the pain of things staying as they are is greater than the pain of confronting the issue.

Over-working all year cannot be fixed with a couple of vacations, no more than constant indulging can be fixed with a token salad or an energetically negative relationship restored overnight.  Please hear my heart, I am not passing judgment on any who may relate to some of the life situations mentioned here.  The reason I write about them is because I’ve had all too many of my own!  Painful realisations can make us feel the worst but in a sick twist of fate, they are often THE greatest motivator to change.

Once we have faced the fact we need to make a change we can enter into a process of living with a healthier energy dynamic.  We all want to be able to enjoy this life to the max – here’s to finding that balance that enables us to!
Next week…

I’m going to dive deeper looking at how our needs of balance differ and what you can do to curate your personal balance!



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