When Adele collected her third Brit Award, we saw her ‘have a moment’.  Struggling through tears, she said, “I got really lost for a while… and I didn’t know if I’d come back”.

The global, best-selling, multi-award-winning success of the record album that is ’25’ was almost never made, and the world would never have known about it.

It simply would not exist.

Now Adele may not do it for you but the thought behind this still rings true; Henry Ford, J.K Rowling, Walt Disney, etc.

Scenarios like this are all too common.  

Some ‘almosts’ don’t cost us too much.

But others do.  

They REALLY do.

The struggle is real.


All the while we are in our valley, we have no idea what is on the other side of our breakthrough.  We don’t know if it will be worth the cost it personally, or what the pay off for the others looks like (or if we even care!).

We don’t know what will be a ‘hit’, what will work out and what won’t, no more than Adele did with ’25’.  Settling that the outcome will never be a reflection of our value or worth encourages the acceptance of possible ‘failure’ which is often one of our greatest stumbling blocks.

On the other side of her breakthrough was one of the best-selling albums worldwide.  Good news and a sound investment for Adele, yes, but this album clearly resonated with people.  That many records aren’t sold unless the music is connecting with people on a deeply emotional level.  This album was and is the soundtrack to some peoples’ happiest and saddest moments in life.

Rarely does a struggle stop with us.   We are all connected and on the other side of our breakthrough is someone else’s.  Don’t stop short of your genius, we need you!  



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